‘Yeti and Me’ elicits belly laughs with outrageous story-telling


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Depend on Marilyn Lynch to select great pieces for her one-woman shows at KC Fringe Festivals, and this year’s entry, “Yeti and Me,” allows her to let go with an outlandishly funny story of a woman in the wilderness in search of Yeti–and her husband Freddy.

It seems Freddy is a top-rated scientist who has had an encounter with a female Yeti and longs to re-create that situation. So, he’s gone off in search of his soul-mate, leaving his wife, Betty, behind. Betty understands his scientific attraction to the gigantic, shy beast-like creature, so she understands. But she still misses him.

In her effort to find him, Betty has taken to the woods with some well-known Yeti “traps” in anticipation of finding Freddy or possible a male Yeti. Betty, with camp gear and her laptop set up to create a Zoom meeting with her followers to prove, once and for all, that Yetis do exist. The resulting Zoom meeting delights the audience in attendance but, not so much a web-follower, catsbreath, who fails to understand the importance and reality of Betty’s trip.

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The audience joins Betty’s Zoom meeting and become participants in her sing-a-longs to entice the shy beasts to come out and join her. Children through adults will laugh as Lynch makes believers of everyone. No one will leave with a frown on his or her face. The show is outrageous and thoroughly delightful.

“In her search for Big Foot and her missing husband, Freddy, Betty devises a plan to hold a giant Zoom meeting in the forest. In this way, she will have countless witnesses when Bigfoot appears. Hoping to grab the curious creatures’ attention, she calls to them in their own language and sings them songs. Yes, they’re there, just beyond our sight lines. Will they come closer? What size shoe does Bigfoot wear? What about Freddy? There are answers, but what happens in the forest stays in the forest.” (KC Fringe)

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