Drama at Unicorn focuses on work-place dangers


By Bob Evans

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A powerful drama about the effects of toxic chemicals and fumes in a small Missouri town leads to unknown future health problems for long-time workers in the candy-making plant, bringing into question the working conditions, exposure, and safety to workers as the first wave of work-related illnesses surface.

“Slurry” by local Kansas City playwright Mike Rice shows the fear one man faces as he fears that he has been exposed to chemical fumes that created lung problems and an unknown future. His prognosis is that he contracted a rare disease from exposure to a cleaning chemical and its fumes. His next scheduled appointment awaits with a pulmonary specialist for further assessment.

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An extremely drunk and scared Wade Cruz fears for his life and his future and seeks the comfort of his ex-girlfriend and current lover, Sherry. As such, he climbs through her window in the night seeking comfort and most likely sex. Wade, now married, seems shocked that Sherry does not want him at her home in the middle of the night and has moved on to a new boyfriend who also works for the candy company.

During the after-hours encounter, the boyfriend show up and begins questioning Sherry and Wade about his presence in Sherry’s bedroom in the middle of the night. And, there is other information Wade brings along with him that infuriates Sherry and her new boyfriend.

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Brilliantly cast with strong actors, Rice’s play receives the talents of Davis DeRock, Laura Jacobs, and Matt Leonard. All three possess a resume of strong performances throughout the KC Metro area. All are known entities. Rice commented after a performance that he was more than happy with his cast selection and their performances. Direction came from another standout actor/director in the metro, Scott Cordes. With the team Rice assembled and the quality of the

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script, “Slurry” will not disappoint.

According to the Fringe website: “In the middle of the night, an intoxicated Wade Cruze climbs through the window of the bedroom where his ex-girlfriend Sherry is asleep. She’s not happy to see Wade until he reveals that his life is in danger because of his job at the chocolate manufacturing plant where both of them_ and Sherry’s current beau work. This one-act drama, set in a small Missouri town where people work until they die.”

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“Slurry” continues at The Unicorn Theatre on Main Street and is performed on the Jerome Stage. Tickets may be purchased online through the Fringe website or at the door. Advance ticketing is preferred because the show is drawing near capacity seating.

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