TTIP offers contest for 2020


Press release posted by Bob Evans

But…first we’re going to play a little GAME…
You thought we’d go easy on you this year didn’t you? But no, we love the GUESS THE SEASON GAME so much that we have to do it every year!
Here’s how it works
Starting tomorrow, October 5th at NOON and continuing through October 12th, we will post a clue each day about one of our 2020 season productions on the
Then on October 13th you get to guess! We’ll provide an email address for you to send your guesses to and guessing begins at 12pm and will close at 1pm – so you’ll need to be quick!
The person that gets the most TITLES correct, AND in the correct production order (where each show falls in our season) will win 2 TICKETS TO EACH OF OUR 2020 Season SHOWS! Ok… we want a winner… so, if no one gets them ALL correct, we’ll put everyone that gets the most correct into a hat and draw a winner that way. SO, even if you don’t THINK you’ve gotten them all correct… play anyway! You might get ENOUGH correct to win!
Some of the clues are a little tricky… but, well… you’ve got 8 days to think about it!
Finally, on Monday, October 14 at NOON… we will reveal the season, AND the winner!!
Ok, we’ll give you one extra hint to start you off…there are 8 productions, FIVE OUTDOORS productions and THREE INDOORS.
The fun begins tomorrow, October 5, at NOON!
Good luck, everyone!
TIP’s 50th Season FUN isn’t over quite yet!
We still have two more INDOOR productions and ALL tickets are on sale NOW!
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