‘Triple Bypass’ enters FRINGE offerings


Posted by Bob Evans

Triple Bypass

Three 10-minute Plays About Living for Death and Dying for Life

KC Fringe 2021

Producer Deena MP Ronayne (Hardly Working Promotions, in collaboration with Aberdeen Community Theatre) will be streaming her first self-penned show, TRIPLE BYPASS, on demand as part of the Kansas City Fringe Festival. The three 10-minute plays Seeking Dignity, Close To Black and Tango-ed Web – are being presented at 14 virtual venues, including the Adelaide and Melbourne Fringes, throughout 2021 and have already won three awards: Most Viewed Show (Elgin Virtual Winter Mini Fringe), and Spirit of Fringe and Producers’ Award (Front-Row Fringe).

Filmed live without an audience at Aberdeen Community Theatre, South Dakota, and streamed with open captions, each play presents a unique take on life and death:

Seeking Dignity: Everyone hopes for an easy, peaceful death – but does everyone deserve it?

Close To Black: Two singers meet outside a nightclub and discover that, although almost thirty years divides them, not much has changed in the way the world treats female pop stars.

Tango-ed Web: Down in the Australian jungle, a hapless suitor attempts to impress a glamorous widow with his seductive moves, but will his Rumble Rumps lead to a torrid tango or a dance of death?

Ronayne’s production company, Hardly Working Promotions, has been bringing award-winning shows (Shakespeare’s Ghostbusters, Shakespeare’s Terminator the Second) to Southeastern US Fringe Festivals since 2018; its Shakespeare’s Reservoir Dogs was recently given Best of the Best List and Critics Choice Best Drama awards, closing with a sell-out, at this year’s Orlando Fringe. Hardly Working Promotions is presenting Triple Bypass online this year with a view to producing it live in 2022.


‘Impressive theatre short story-ing that deserves your viewing’ – Chuck Moore Reviews

Please be advised that elements of Triple Bypass’ content portray scenarios such as abuse, illness and addiction, which may be disturbing to some viewers.

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