Theatre theme sets tone for ‘Runaway’


By Bob Evans

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For a fun show with some mystery and suspense, check out “Runaway” by Denny Dey, a 50-minute shadowy tale between a teenage girl filled with angst and an friendly

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custodian in a theatre.

Sometimes, when least expected, something occurs in a person’s life that leads to good or bad decisions. When those things happen, sometimes the answer lies clearly in plain sight, and maybe it becomes more clear as the night approaches in a theatre after the closing of a popular Shakespearean play.

“Sixty-five-year-old Charles Wright is a custodian. Twenty-one-year-old Beth Warren is a “runaway”. The River Bend Theatre is the scene. The hour is midnight. Kansas City playwright Denny Dey brings a touching story about an old man’s love of the theatre and a young woman’s desire to escape the insensitive circumstances of her life. Two seemingly invisible souls find a rare moment together,” according the Fringe program. The play features Warren Deckert and Maddie Cates.

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Dey presents a new two-character play that allows his actors to show how two unrelated persons can lead to some interesting choices. The show contains an element of surprise and would fit into the mystery/suspense genre.

Great characterization comes from the two featured actors, Warren Deckert and Maddie Cates. He gives the slower, laid-back character nuances of a person who lived a relatively simple life with not a lot of adventure outside the theatre where the story originates. Cates gives a teenager filled with some disappointment to life in general and wants a new beginning in hopes that new locations may solve her problems.

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As the play unfolds, the audience sees into the characters, their predicaments, and their direction.

“Runaway” plays at the Just Off Broadway Theatre. The show is appropriate for all ages.

Note: A food truck in the parking lot serves a variety of hot food so viewers do have a choice of theatre concessions, adult beverages, or hot food from a food truck–just in case time is short between FRINGE shows.

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