Theatre Lawrence updates and plans

Playwrights hailing from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa will have their works performed at the Theatre Lawrence Short Play Festival November 16 and 17, with performances ranging from 10 to 30 minutes.
Charissa Menefee of Ames, Iowa wrote the Festival’s winning short script,
Lydia’s Plan.  Charissa is a playwright, poet, and director.  She has been a finalist for the Julie Harris Playwright Award and a Tennessee Williams Scholar in Playwriting at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Her work has recently been seen in Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, and Tennessee, and her plays have been honored by the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s New American Playwrights Project, Pandora Festival of New Plays, American College Theatre Festival, Arizona Theatre Conference, Christian H. Moe Awards, and City of Charleston Literary Arts Awards. Her chapbook, When I Stopped Counting: Poems, is available from Finishing Line Press.   She is on the faculty of the MFA Program in Creative Writing & Environment at Iowa State University.
With over 40 scripts submitted for consideration. The following six will be performed at the Festival:
Tonight’s Special | Written By: Joseph Hanrahan | Directed By: Penny Weiner
A veteran headwaiter decides to fire a young actress-waitress from his posh eatery, in order to save her from the temptations and trials of working in the too-fast-paceddangers of the work hard/party hard restaurant business.

Present Tense| Written By: Emily Hageman | Directed By: Dean Bevan

Three siblings drive to their widowed mother’s wedding while asking the impossible question-how do you move into the future without disrespecting the past?
Lydia’s Plan | Written By: Charissa Menefee | Directed By: Penny Weiner
A teen tests her relationship with her father, announcing an extreme solution to a problem he didn’t know existed.

The Back Porch Test| Written By: Robert Lynn | Directed By: Charlie Whitman

 A young woman tests the honesty of her new boyfriend, but learns there are more important things than always telling the truth.

Interview with a Cat| Written By: Jim Geoghan | Directed By: Piet R. Knetsch

A suave and underappreciated cat interviews for a dream placement but flunks it at the last minute.

Written Off| Written By: Victor Wishna | Directed By: Carole Ries

An aging television actor gets the dreaded call from his producer, and finds himself in a spirited sparring match with his boss and head writer as he works his way from denial through all five stages of grief.
SHOWS: Friday, Nov 16 and Saturday, Nov 17 at 7:30 PM
FOR TICKETS: 785-843-SHOW (7469) Box Office hours 11:30-4:30 M-F

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