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The Fishtank produces nomadically finding spaces that serve the play in architecture, aesthetic and history. 

Heidi Van, founder and producing Artistic Director of the Fishtank has reorganized her business as a nomadic theatre company producing outside of the black box studio in which the company started. 

“It was an honor and privilege to plant and grow the seed of the Fishtank in 1715 Wyandotte,” Van says.  “I haven’t moved out – I maintain my rehearsal hall in the Aquarium, a 1600 square foot studio (directly above the black box space) that acquired in 2015. It’s a beautiful space, it’s a dream. When the TCG CONFERENCE was in KC in 2015 and a tour of the Fishtank facility was organized for the participants from all over the country – people, theatre professionals were floored at the studio. One woman actually wept. Space is precious and very, very valuable.”

So what is the next space? 

“Death, By Shakespeare” created and directed by Heidi Van will be performed at the Greenwood Social Hall at 1000 West 18th Street in the Westside. 

“It’s (the space) literally being finished around me,” said Van.

” Staging a play in a room at the end of construction allowed Heidi Van and I to work with lighting and pedestals less associated with theater and extend the idea of what is left behind and what was added on to the landscape,”  Peregrine Honig, curator of Greenwood stated. “The smell of fresh cut wood and stain, the airborne dust, the energy of what was once a place of worship- the actors and technicians responded, acclimated”

Van continues, “It’s been exhilarating and inspiring installing the performance at Greenwood. The process has flexed brain muscles in innovation that needed to be worked out – especially since I’m going the nomadic theatre company route.” 

“Death, By Shakespeare” features prominent and supporting female characters from Shakespearian tragedies with reorgainzed narratives to reimagine their final moments before taking their own lives. Each character segment is supported by a poem by Sylvia Plath. 

Performers include:






Performances run March 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18 at 8pm. Tickets are $20 and available online at For more information visit or call (816)  809-7110. 

“Death, By Shakespeare” is presented in celebration of the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival 25 for the 25th! 

Greenwood Social Hall (formerly Greenwood Baptist Church) 1000 west 18th street, in the Westside, KCMO 64108. 

*As mentioned above, the church has not been deconsecrated. The congregation migrated and consolidated and was left behind. 

Connecting to Greenwood’s recent Pastor Mike Carroll,  learning about the history of the small African-American congregation starting in the West Bottoms in the late 1800’s with the assistance of Doug Shaver, and working on signage with artist Archie Scott Gobber and Dennis Baughman of Midtown Signs has been the largest creative endeavor I have ever been included in. ” -Peregrine Honig 

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