‘The Comical Heathen’ joins 2021 KC Fringe Festival


Posted by Bob Evans

“The Comical Heathen” joins

this year’s Kansas City Fringe Festival


KC Fringe

The Comical Heathen Live Show will be a part of the 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival.  “The Comical Heathen” stars Jerry C. Jaffe, a veteran of the Cleveland stand-up scene with over 30 years of acting and directing experience in the theatre. The show is based on his podcast of the same name.  On each of the episodes, he includes a rant inspired by some recent event in the news related to either religion or pseudoscience. Jerry says he took his favorite bits from the best rants and used them to develop the show.

“The biggest challenge,” Jerry says, “has been to find the right voice—I don’t want to be as angry as Jim Jefferies or condescending like Bill Maher.  I guess what I’m going for is ‘annoyed teacher who is sick of having to answer the same dumb questions’!”

This teacher-voice is not just a character, since Jerry is also a college professor at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Oh. He teaches acting and comedy at the college.  He has also taught in Japan and New Zealand.

Some of the topics covered in the show include book burnings, creationists, and evangelicals, among other things.  Jerry has described the show as part Ted-Talk, part stand up comedy, all satire.  “Satire is about exposing hypocrisy, and that’s where all the laughs come from.”  Jerry is also currently writing a book about religious satire.

The show contains some adult language and so may not be appropriate for all ages.

The Comical Heathen Podcast is available for free on iTunes, Stitcher, and most podcasting platforms.  On the show, Jerry frequently interviews other comedians.  Notable guests include Lewis Black, John Fugalsang, Steve Hofstetter, and many others.

This year’s Festival is 100% virtual, and “The Comical Heathen” is one of many show’s available through the Festival’s website, https://kcfringe.org/.  Individual tickets are $10 plus there is a Festival pass option.

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