‘The Cat Meme-ologues’ sends smiles to cat fanciers


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By Bob Evans

Oh, those aloof, critical, and loveable cats, once upon a time were tender, fluffy, cuddly fur-balls, eventually find themselves as miniature lions, kings over their owners and houses.

That’s the story about “The Cat Meme-ologues” that just won best of venue at the Holy Cow performance studio off 31 and Gilham Road in the 2017 Kansas City Fringe Festival. Nine different monolugues (maybe to coincide with the nine lives of a cat) bring certain cat personas to life and help the cat fanatics in the audience better identify with their household companions.

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A cast of five local performers donned cat ears and assumed the personality of the cat featured in the accompanying dialogue. One could tell that cat-friendly audience members loved the stories from the cat’s perspective. Each displayed a different situation and personality to bring the humor to the show that lasted just under an hour.

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The show was fun and games with no social message or dark passages. What a refreshing thing…no drama, just laughs. Although fun and entertaining, “The Cat Meme-ologues” probably will not continue as a production, but do not be surprised if another installment sufraces at next year’s Fringe Festival.

Show Information provided by KC Fringe: You’ve got to be kitten me! Your favorite internet cats have come to life in a variety of monologues inspired by cat memes. They’re looking for stage time and tuna. Featuring the work of local Kansas City playwrights Lindsay Adams, Michael Donnici, Vicki Vodrey, Terraye Watson, Zachary Weaver, and Mary Wilkens. Produced and directed by Shari Wassergord. Starring Arlin Pacheco, Dean Kinsey, Mandy Mook, Yasmeen Wilcox, and Meghann Deveroux. Come purr-pared for laughs and fur-volity.

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