Strong writing, acting, lighting elevate ‘Any Questions?’


By Bob Evans

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For a great Fringe Festival show, do not miss Frank Higgins newest and best written play, “Any Questions?,” now playing at the Just Off Broadway Theatre, and expect to be immersed in the play within the first minute.

Nancy Marcy and Casey Jane open the play with great telephone scene guaranteed to make audiences laugh. Wish sharp dialogue and strong actors, the play works from the first lines. Higgins’ characters are rich, evolving throughout the play, strong, and have the chance to change and develop texture. Higgins got it all right with this play.

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As the play progresses, the audience meets the other two characters in the play Amber McKinnon and Matthew J. Williamson. Both present pivotal pieces to framework of “Any Questions?” Both actors give very believable characters and speak Higgins’ words well, clearly, and blend will with the other two persons.

One aspect of this play that some might not notice is the beautiful lighting scheme developed by Warren Deckert who also directed this piece. Because of the way Deckert lights scenes and changes within a scene, the audience receives help in the transitions. Those who see the play will understand the nuances and how helpful they are.

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“The premiere of a new play by Frank Higgins. Like something out of Kafka but without the bug. What happens when a woman wakes up to find that her life has completely changed? If it happened to us, would we dread it, or embrace it? Would we secretly like to be that way if we could? What if we can? Featuring Casey Jane, Nancy Marcy, Amber McKinnon and Matthew J. Williamson. Directed by Warren Deckert.” –from Fringe website.

Pay close attention in the play for a poem penned by Higgins. The wording and rhyme is wonderful, moving, and touching. The poem about PTSD should be published. So many could identify with the imagery within the lines.

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