SpongeBob’s underwater paradise faces destruction

Photo by Jordan Rice and courtesy of The Coterie Theatre

Come to The Coterie and travel to Bikini Beach with SpongeBob and his friends in an action-packed, singing and dancing spectacle in a world premiere.

The Coterie Theatre returns to indoor performances on its mainstage with the world premiere of a new version of The SpongeBob Musical never before seen. The Coterie production comes from the adapted version from the animated series, The SpongeBob Musical for Young Audiences is a brand new, high-energy version of the Broadway hit featuring a fun, pop-infused musical score written by some of the biggest names in Top 40 music. Performed live on The Coterie’s mainstage located in Crown Center, The SpongeBob Musical will run November 4, 2021-January 2, 2022.

Photo by Jordan Rice and courtesy of The Coterie Theatre

The Coterie’s version of the Broadway hit introduces Kansas City theatre fans to unforgettable characters loose on stage in the undersea town of Bikini Bottom The ever-optimistic yellow sea sponge named SpongeBob shows everybody that he is not “just a simple sponge” by proving to one and all that optimism really can save the world, according to The Coterie

SpongeBob with the aid of his friends and neighbors, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward Q. Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton tell the story of one horrific day when doom and gloom looms on their horizon. Their beloved Bikini Bottom may be forever gone if they cannot find a fix for a volcanic eruption. A solution must be found to save their underwater paradise. Chaos erupts but just when all hope seems lost, an unexpected hero takes center stage and SpongeBob saves the day. Bikini Bottom is saved just in the nick of time.

Photo by Jordan Rice and courtesy of The Coterie Theatre

According to The Coterie, The SpongeBob Musical for Young Audiences will be co-directed by Jeff Church and Zach Faust, with musical direction by Anthony T. Edwards and Delano Mendoza and choreography by Marc Wayne. This marks Faust’s directoral debut at The Coterie.

The cast will feature Tyler Fromson (as SpongeBob SquarePants), Nik Whitcomb (as Patrick Star), Amari Lewis (as Sandy Cheeks), Noah Lindquist (as Squidward Q. Tentacles), Chris Owen (as Mr. Krabs, et al.), Bob Wearing (as Plankton), Maggie Hutchison (as Karen, et al.), Enjoli Gavin (as Mrs. Puff, et al.), MaryAnn Traxler (as Mayor, et al.), Ava Wolesky (as Foley Artist), as well as Katie Pautler, Carson Tate, and Natalee Merola (standbys).

Photo by Jordan Rice and courtesy of The Coterie Theatre

The artistic and production company includes Mackenzie Goodwin Tran (production stage manager), Scott Hobart (technical director), Kelli Harrod (scenic designer), Jarrett Bertoncin (lighting designer), Georgianna Londré Buchanan (costume designer), David Kiehl (sound designer), Jeremy Smith (properties designer/set dressing), and Venus Irias (production assistant/Covid Safety Manager).

Kids and grownups alike will enjoy this musical adventure that runs just over an hour. Bright costumes and costume design stand out in this world premiere. The set looks great and fits well with the costumes to create the undersea adventure. The lighting design helps create the illusion of Bikini Bottom.

Photo by Jordan Rice and courtesy of The Coterie Theatre

Singing and dancing numbers lift the show as they are well planned, well choreographed, and well performed thanks to the musical direction of Delano Mendoza and Marc Wayne.

Best friends, Tyler Fromson and Nik Whitcomb work hand-in-hand to figure out a way to save Bikini Bottom from disaster and stand out in the production. Their dedication to each other comes into play when they argue and eventually make up to resolve the impending disaster shows the audience what true friendship means. They are charming in their portrayals.

Photo by Jordan Rice and courtesy of The Coterie Theatre

Two other strong characters and performances come from Noah Lindquist (as Squidward Q. Tentacles), Chris Owen (as Mr. Krabs). Their performances glue the show together because Krabs kind of narrates and moves the show forward while Squidward, as the undiscovered song and dance man finally finds his moment to shine.

And what would a show be without a villain? Well, look no further than Bob Waring as Plankton. He’s mean, rotten, and dastardly. Waring plays the part with panache. His strong facial and vocal performance makes the audience laugh with each utterance. His character gave him the most liberty in the show. And, he masterfully delivers a fun character.

Photo by Jordan Rice and courtesy of The Coterie Theatre

“SpongeBob-the Musical” continues at The Coterie Theatre in Crown Center through the holiday season. The show will be popular among those who watch or watched SpongeBob on the tube. Don’t miss this show. It is fabulous fun for children and adults.

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