Short skits examine human relations


By Bob Evans

Those who like short scenes that bring smiles, “Variations on a Theme” presented about six short skits that deal with complex relationships from painful to joyful, all within the hour framework dictated by the 2017 KC Fringe Festival.

The first two skits brought the humor to the show as all four cast members performed in two-person scenes allowing miscommunication to lead the laughs. In the first scene, Amy Hurrelbrink and Mike Ott meet to discuss a planned evening with complete mis-connection from an advertisement. Their skit was the funniest of the lot. Next, Perry Luellen and Marcie Ramiriz performed in a skit that allowed Luellen to create the most forgetful man on earth with a razor-sharp memory for unnecessary facts.

To the opposite end of the spectrum Luellen and Ramirizz acted a scene with Rairez contemplating her own demise before Luellen rescues her from her darkness. Ott and Hurrelbrink do a scene where a man breaks the news to his wife that he’s leaving her to be with his best friend.

Great acting. Great direction. The only problem was strange lighting that made photography difficult. With some changes, this could be developed to a one-act. Great job by all connected with the production.

According to the KC Fringe webite: Schisms, disconnects, and words left unsaid. From the creator of past Fringe hits “Sexing Hitler,” “Red Death,” and “Voyage to Voyager,” comes a collection of intimate, touching, and humorous scenes that explore the difficulties we experience communicating with each other. Starring Amy Hurrelbrink, Parry Luellen, Mike Ott, and Marcie Ramirez.

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Images courtesy of Bob Evans | KC Applauds and Troy Cox and KC Fringe


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