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News + Upcoming Events @ The J

NEW!  We have a LOT going on at The J! To make sure you receive information in a timely manner and don’t miss anything, we’ll be sending two emails a month, starting in February. Enjoy, and have fun at The J!

Arts + Culture + TRIVIA!

  • IT’S NEARLY HERE! Trivia Bowl XVIIIIt’s back! The granddaddy of Jewish trivia games! – Saturday night! Register at the door.
  • Cabaret – Feb. 2-17 – “It was a dark time in history, but a story worth telling and remembering, It is also a poignant reminder for us all to pay attention.“ Director Tim Bair
  • Happy Art Sale – Feb. 24 – March 20 – Proceeds benefit the Jewish Experiences department at The J.


  • Government shutdown affecting you or someone in your immediate family? Contact us, confidentially, to discuss expedited review for assistance with J fees for membership, childcare or programs.​
  • The J named “Neighborhood Favorite” in 16 neighborhoods! THANK YOU to everyone who recommended us on Nextdoor! Tell YOUR neighbors
  • NOW HIRING: Summer Jobs! Are we really talking about summer in January? Yes! And you should, too!

Fitness + Health

  • J Fitness Open HouseJan. 28 5-8 pm – Not a J Member yet? Now’s the time to join because you’ll get Get TWO MONTHS FREE!
  • Indoor Tri – Feb. 24 – We want competitors and need volunteers!
  • Focusing on stability, flexibility, or cardiovascular health? Try Kinesis
  • COMING SOON – MyZone at The J –  wearable heart rate based system that enables you to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. Coming to the J soon! Keep an eye out for more info.

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Fun for Families


More happening this month from our friends and community partners:

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