‘Rosegold’ attacks personal demon

Rosegold, photo by Amista Photography

Posted by Bob Evans

Donna Kay Yarborough writes and performs her compelling one woman show Rosegold which streams as part of KC Fringe Festival at https://kcfringe.org/2021-shows/rosegold/, July 18th to August 1st. The gripping story unfolds as the character Jamie lays bare her alcoholism in a virtual AA meeting, but then the tale takes a bizarre horrific turn as we discover the trauma that is the source.  And her demon.  Every addict has reasons for using.  Some reasons are more horrifying than others.  A suspenseful testament of addiction and the inescapable darkness behind it.

Having recently won critics’ choice for “Best Solo Drama” at the 2021 Orlando International Fringe Festival, the production is storytelling at its finest, blending self-revelation with suspense, horror, and the paranormal.  Critics have described Rosegold as “a gently escalating exercise in horror that stands in the ranks of H. P. Lovecraft, Rod Serling, and Stephen King.” –Terrance McArthur, Kings River Life Magazine.

Rosegold is not a conventional horror story; Donna Kay Yarborough is so confident, she even mocks the clichés of the genre… an intense experience and essential viewing.” –David Cunningham, British Theatre Guide.

“The beauty of Yarborough’s tale is how it blends the everyday with the philosophical with the spine-tingling. She hits the tropes of any good horror story head on — and then turns them on their head… Unwanted feelings of darkness and pain and terror are not reserved solely to those who struggle with alcoholism, of course. But in a show as artful as this, they are welcome emotions to behold.” –Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel.

“It’s damn scary.” –Michael Freeman, Orlando Fringe Reviews

July 18th-August 1st
Streaming on Demand
Part of KC Fringe Festival

Tickets will be available online, and may be purchased at


Suitable for ages 13 & up.

40 minutes


KC Fringe Festival



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