‘Rise’ depicts human trafficking in unique show


The ultra-serious topic of sex trafficking comes front and center as the Fringe Festival entry from VidaDance as it presents an eye-opening ballet that includes stunning aerial skills worked into sad story of a young woman and her journey into a world of sex for money.

“Rise” a carefully choreographed piece shows some of the stages of manipulation into the dangerous entrapment of young women into sex trafficking and the possible scenarios and even death that can result. The show begins with some carefree gatherings and summer fun until one targeted young lady captures the eye and attention of a handsome young man.

As their relationship begins, he grooms her, builds her trust, betrays her, and then begins selling her as part of his scheme. Young, alone, scared, and uneducated, such young women see no escape and become continued victims of sexual abuse.

In this particular story, the victim does escape, returns home, and speaks out to tell others of her experience, hoping to shine light into the dark abyss she escaped. Solitude and silence cannot help others avoid this peril. Only enlightenment can save possible victims from this tragedy.

“Rise” gracefully tells the story through a combination of ballet and aerial performers. The staging and choreography are stunning and easy to follow. The story–truthful, harsh, real–takes the audience along and presents a story through dance that anyone can follow.

The sadness of this story is that it mostly means young girls are trafficked, but young boys could easily be groomed similarly. The story is realistic and painful, but the story needs to be told.


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