Reality TV show spurs Whim Production skit


By Bob Evans

Fans of Big Brother, the annual summer TV series, falls prey to Kevin King’s Whim Productions in an hour parody aimed directly at the show that evicts one cast member per week after a series of back-stabbing and lies to survive another week.

The show introduces the viewers to vastly different personalities who have lived for several weeks in a cabin in the woods during a harsh winter. The personalities clash and the individual personas begin to surface. As the play progresses, the audience knows they will vote for the next eviction.

The show is fun for those who follow Big Brother. For those who do not fancy the show, enough information surfaces in the play for everyone to follow the action. The fun part in this show is the introduction of a stranger in the mix. Madge joins the group with her strange behavior changing the focus. She becomes a pivotal part of the show and adds a new spark to the actors on stage.

Cast: Simone Briand, Nicole Hall Christopher Steinauer, Karla Fennick, Kevin King, Kyle Wilson, Alexandria Walters. The show is co-directed by Kevin King and Christopher Steinauer.

“Snowed Inn” continues on the Levin Stage of The Unicorn Theatre.

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Image courtesy of Bob Evans | KC Applauds


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