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Kansas City Public Theatre is excited to announce our 2020-2021 Season:

Main Stage Productions 

Oedipus the King 
Adapted and Directed by Nathan Bowman
October 15-25, 2020
Location to be announced

El Amor que Mueve al Sol y las demás Estrellas
(The Love that Moves the Sun and Other Stars)
Developed and Directed by Karen Lisondra
March 11-21, 2021
Location to be announced

The Holy Trinity
Written by Prisca Jebet Kendagor*
Directed by Elizabeth Bettendorf Bowman
May 13-23, 2021
Location to be announced
*KCPublic Resident Playwright

Theatre Lab 
September 14, 2020: Role Play by Emma Carter
October 5, 2020: The Avocado Tree by Sofiana Olivera Abalan
November 2, 2020: The Holy Trinity by Prisca Jebet Kendagor (Workshop 1)
December 7, 2020: Sliding into Home by Aaron Scully
February 1, 2021Cam Girl by Em Swenson
March 1, 2021: The Holy Trinity by Prisca Jebet Kendagor (Workshop 2)
April 5, 2021Memories of the Game by Kristy Thomas

Main Stage Productions

Oedipus the King
Adapted and Directed by Nathan Bowman
Oct 15-25, 2020

In a new musical adaptation of the classic tragedy by Sophocles, a pandemic devastates the city of Thebes. With the city in panic, its leader Oedipus is told that the only way to lift his city from crisis is to investigate the murder of the city’s previous king. Oedipus is forced to confront the circumstances which led to his rise to power, ultimately leading to dire revelations about his family.

El Amor que Mueve
al Sol y las demás Estrellas

(The Love that Moves the Sun and Other Stars)
Developed and Directed by Karen Lisondra
March 11-21, 2021

Based on two female surrealist artists exiled in Mexico during WWII, Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo.  This new devised play tackles themes of refuge, and the courage to live life on your own terms, transcending romantic love. Presented in Spanish and English.

The Holy Trinity 
By Prisca Jebet Kendagor
Directed by Elizabeth Bettendorf Bowman
May 13-23, 2021

Three old church camp friends who once shared a common bond in the faith, now share a common bond in their love for each other. Having explored the sexual tension these three have shared over the years, reality must be faced for some, and dealt with for others. The Holy Trinity will be developed with KCPublic’s Resident Playwright over the course of the season, culminating in a fully staged production. 

KCPublic Theatre Resident Playwright:
Prisca Jebet Kendagor 

The Theatre Lab Playwright Residency seeks to advance the
state of playwrights in Kansas City theatre by providing writers with the artistic, financial, and institutional resources to further their work.

Prisca Jebet Kendagor is playwright and producer based out of Kansas City, MO. She has taught playwriting with The Coterie Theatre and The KC Black Rep. Having started writing when she was twelves years old she has 20+ years of writing experience, along with her acting experience on the stage. In 2018 her play “Adulting: A Parody” won Best of Venue at the Kansas City Fringe Festival, and ranked number three on the most attended list at the festival. In 2019 her play “T Money Is Cancelled” was critically acclaimed at the same festival. In the spring of that same year her play “Seven and Ten” was chosen to be part of The Last Frontier New Play Festival in Valdez, AK and her play “The Matriarchy” was received at the Women’s Theatre Festival in Raleigh, NC that same summer. She is a proud member of the Dramatist Guild, and loves what she does.

Every month, Kansas City Public Theatre pairs area playwrights with professional actors, dramaturgs, and directors to contribute to the development of each new work resulting in a workshop reading.

Role Play by Emma Carter
September 14, 2020

Taylor is the social pariah of her freshman class. Mycah is the new girl. Both seek refuge from the tortures of real life by escaping into books, and when Mycah invites Taylor to join her in an online RPG–Role Play Game–Taylor finds a haven for outcasts like herself who obsess over anime, video games, and fanfiction. But when the politics of high school social dynamics put pressure on Mycah and Taylor’ RL friendship, both stand to lose everything they’ve created and more. 

The Avocado Tree by Sofiana Olivera Abalan
October 5, 2020

Lucia  Medina, a brilliant  young architect, lives  in  a Latin American country in social and political upheaval  with her  father, Professor Don Francisco and her young   daughter Katia.  She yearns for  a better  life.  When the  violence  in her  country  escalates, Lucia  makes  the difficult decision  to  emigrate to the United States. As  the years  go  by,  Ruben and Lucia  have  to  face  the  unforeseeable consequences  their  choices  forced on   themselves  and  their  families.

Sliding into Home by Aaron Scully
December 7, 2020

Cobb returns home from a four year stint in prison. His early release surprises his family. As the day unfolds we discover the events that led to Cobb’s prison sentence as he tries to reconnect with his family.

Cam Girl by Em Swenson
February 1, 2021

From her central Florida bedroom, Kelsey sheds her clothes and fulfills fantasies for men around the world. On camera she has no boundaries, but in reality she is incapable of leaving her apartment. Cam Girl boldly exposes the lives of three women working in the sex industry and the bond they share.

Memories of the Game by Kristy Thomas
April 5, 2021
Memories of The Game is a family drama that centers on the McIntosh family, a middle class African American family of four. Kenneth, the head of the household is retired and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Kenneth’s love for football has always been his hold on reality, but soon even the love of the game is fighting against him. As Kenneth forgets, his son Michael tries to balance on the edge of crack addiction, and his wife Karen tries to hold her family together as life still continues to happen. Sometimes it is what we are willing to live without that makes the next breath possible.

About KCPublic Theatre
Founded in 2017, Kansas City Public Theatre provides access to the arts through year-round theatre entertainment free of charge to the public. This mission is carried out in two activities: first, through producing aesthetically and ideologically diverse new works and reimagined classics which reflect the unique history and concerns of the Kansas City community; and second, to cultivate civic-minded artists, audiences, and citizens through community-based devised theatre workshops.
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