Political humor skyrockets radio sketch comedy to huge following


By Bob Evans

Depend on the creative and twisted minds of “Right Between the Ears” to write and produce a timely, annual show for the KC Fringe Festival that nails and lampoons the current headlines and makes them akin to a late night TV show’s opening monologues.

In this case, the cast of “Right Between the Ears” starts off with a sketch comedy about Donald Trump and Don Jr. with a comedic Melania whining and a Mike Pence displaying his over-inflated ego. The show certainly does not appeal to the Freedom Caucus supporters, the extreme right, or those who believe whatever the White House spews in tweets and briefings.

Those not familiar with “Right Between the Ears” need to think of Saturday Night Live to know the type of sketchers created and acted. Irreverence and extreme absurdity rule. Laughter reigns supreme–even in the commercial breaks. What’s unique for “RbtE” lies in that the show is recorded for radio. The set contains several microphones and each actor steps in and out of the different sketches with varied accents, voices, and personalities. A sound effects professional mans the sound effects table and creates all the needed sounds associated with an old-time radio broadcast. Even an applauds light signals when audience input is requested.

The show is fun, irreverent, topical, and politically charged. The actors bring fun and different characters to the microphones. Each show features several different topics and situations, each lasting about five minutes. The show is rapid paced and full of laughter and applause. Those attending know they are in for a fun hour of comedic parody.

The cast is: David Martin, Brie Henderson, Kip Niven, Michael Foster, Julia Moriarty, Amy Billroth-Maclurg, and David Greusel. Plus Mary Ellen Kreigh on effects.

According to the Fringe program: ‘“Right Between the Ears’ is the award-winning sketch comedy series broadcast on public radio. It has been spoofing politics, celebrities, sports figures, lame TV shows and stupid commercials since 1985. The show’s been broadcast on NCR, Sirius-AM, BBC, Delta Radio and airs twice weekly on Kansas Public Radio stations. RBTE is a three-time winner of the Gold Medal as Best Comedy Show at the New York Festivals, twice receiving the Festivals’ Grand Prize.

“Right Between the Ears” plays on Union Station’s City Stage for the 2017 Kansas City Fringe Festival. Shows are selling out. Be early or purchase tickets online.

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Images courtesy of Troy Cox & Kansas City Fringe Festival and Bob Evans


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