Please be careful and safe


To my readers and their families:

his is Holy Week with Easter and Passover approaching, and I know many will be wanting to celebrate their traditions. With no ill-will intended, in the Christian faith, we are taught to love everyone. We are discouraged from separating, blaming, disliking others. As such, I love everyone reading my post. That being said, I have heard many times that “God helps those that help themselves.” I implore you to help yourself and stay home for the holidays. Please do not go to church. Do not go to family dinners or celebrations. Keep your faith within your own homes. We serve a great and loving God. We need to help ourselves and hunker down. Today, Kansas Governor Kelly and a medical health professional explained that there are 12 main clusters of the virus in the state and that some are directly traced to religious gatherings. Unfortunately, one was near me at a church conference. At that conference, a woman contracted the virus, took it back to her home county, infected her husband with the virus, and both died today. This is serious stuff. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Do not put yourself or others at risk. Going to church and family get-togethers is by no means an intentional act to harm others; however, your attendance might jeopardize others you love if you are a carrier or if someone else at the event is a carrier. Please ask yourself: IS AN HOUR OR TWO WORTH THE RISK? Let your home be your sanctuary, please.

Attached is the link to Governor Kelly’s briefing today. The questions from reporters are unclear, but the answers will clarify a lot.
April 8 KS briefing:

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