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For those who appreciate music, the Orchestra Surreal did a 2-night stand at The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre in the Warwick.

The Friday and Saturday night show features a collection of local band members, and a few who travel with the show. Words fail to convey the energy, sound, and enthusiasm that the group creates. What can I say about rock, classical, Shakespeare, and opera all clashing into a single number? It’s amazing.

“ By cleverly and playfully combining classic rock songs with classical music, jazz, film music, and pop culture references, the Orchestre Surreal breaks the barriers of the standard orchestral experience with costumes, stage antics, and unexpected twists and turns, giving the audience an entertaining experience of the music they know in a completely new way,” according to a statment from the Orchestre said.

Truly, one needs to see and hear this to understand. Dangerous Dan and Miss Thing offer the vocals to enhance the performance. Dan, who can sing opera like you never heard can then break it down in the middle of a phrase and dash right into a rap like you have never heard. Miss Thing can sing the best of the hard rock lyrics against a blazing hot orchestra performance and quote from Shakespeare while doing so in rap tempo.

Both of the singers could have a distinguished career as solo artists. Their voices are well trained and match the over the top performance of the Orchestre. Miss Thing’s voice is reminiscent of Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, with some notes of Ertha Kitt and Dame Shirley Bassey. Dangerous Dan’s operatic voice could sustain long notes with clear, crisp tone with no faltering and hold them almost forever.

Along with that the audience will hear snippets of the scores of Jaws, Star Wars,  Star Trek, James Bond movies and others. Along with that comes the witches’ spell from “Hamlet.” It’s amazing to hear The Bard’s words set to an outlandish, spectacular musical tempo that allows the audience to hear the rhyme created and intended.

“This time out, Elvis Schoenberg, the orchestra’s conductor, is unleashing his 14-piece chamber version of the orchestra, for a more intimate yet equally power-packed music experience. And utilizing Kansas City’s fount of great musicians, Elvis will introduce a largely Kansas City-based personnel, for the chamber ensemble’s debut at the historic Warwick Theatre in Midtown KC. Joining Elvis, as usual, will be his lead vocalists: recent Kansas City transplant, “The Fabulous Miss Thing,” and Nashville’s own “Dangerous Dan O’Callaghan.” a press release said.

. The Chamber Orchestre Surreal Personnel are: woodwinds, Kurt Wheeler; Zak Pischnotte, French Horn;  Nicole Deuvall; trumpet: Stanton Kessler; trombone, Lee Finch; keyboards, Briley Lewis; Guitar, Doug Perkins; bass, Ross Wright (Elvis Schoenberg); drums, Brad Evilsizer; violin,  Dimitri; cello, James Farquarhar: vocals, Angela Brown; vocals Dan O’Callaghan.  All folks are from Kansas City, with the exception of: Dangerous Dan O’Callaghan and Elvis Shoenberg who now lives here part time.

Quite honestly, the show is one to be heard and defies reporting. One must hear and experience this unique show and realize the talent that Kansas City possesses.

The final show is at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 16 at The Warwick Theatre and is hosted by The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre.

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