One-woman dramatization draws attention to rape


By Bob Evans

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The Squeezebox Theatre offers an extremely intimate black box setting for one the 2018 Fringe Festival’s powerful and out of town entries, “Intrusion” written and performed by Qurrat Ann Kadwani–a powerful message with a determined, powerful actress/author.

The show begins somewhere in the future and provides a history of Title IX development and the public education of sex crimes against women. Also included, a brief sexual assault on a adolescent man by an adolescent woman, because, yes, that can happen, too. Sex crimes take different shapes and different situations and include different sexual orientations, but remain unwanted sexual advances toward another person.

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Included in the show are such topics as rape culture, politics, media attention, legal problems with proving a rape case, psychology of the after-effects of rape by rape victims, education as it is seen in 20 years, the changes in Title IX over the years, male and female sexual assault, and the inclusion of LGBTQ persons in their sexual encounters.

One would think times changed in 20 years, but Qurrat’s play re-visits the devastation of rape and sexual crimes. Expect a tour-de-force performance while being educated in a creative piece. Q (as she is called) play eight different characters in this one hour show. Just by changing a few pieces of clothing, changing vocal tones and speech patterns, and moving to different parts of the show, her characters remain easy to differentiate.

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“In this solo play set 20 years in the future when rape has been eradicated, Award-Winning actress Qurrat Ann Kadwani plays 8 characters in 1 hour to help audiences learn about power dynamics, statistics, Title IX history, and the complexity of sexual violence against women. Politics, media, the legal system, psychology, education, male/female sexual assault, and LGBTQ inclusion come together to unravel the intricacy of rape culture. “Powerful” solo play with 8 characters written/performed by 2018 Best Performer Winner “Tour-de-Force” Qurrat Ann Kadwani from NYC. Set 20 years in the future when rape is supposedly eradicated, helping to raise awareness about sexual violence and combat systemic oppression. Directed by Constance Hester.” –from KC Fringe program

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