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BORN expands the concepts of Law of Attraction exponentially and awesomely simplifies everything you think you know about the power of Self-Creation. 

BORN is NOT a book about affirmations, visioning, Dark Energy, Self-Protection, or waiting for directions from God, the Guides or the Angels, Karma, or Struggle. 

It IS a book about Directing Energy, Knowing, Neutrality, Self-Actualization, Knowing You are the Power, Claiming You Desires, and Easy Creation. 

Dee Wallace’s BORN is a powerful book about how Spirituality, Brain Science, and Religion are all teaching the same principles, and how you can easily use them in creating your life. 


Early Praises

“Dee uses an amazing and unique amalgamation of science, spirituality, energy healing and even religious text to reveal the truest steps, the purest mindsets, and the most comprehensive understandings, to create anything you want in your life. If you are ready to take command and guide your life adventure to whole new levels of manifestation, ease, grace (and EVEN happiness), then pick up this book and don’t put it down until you’ve read it a bunch of times. Warning, your life is about to change in every way for the better, so get ready.”

— Jennifer McLean, Celebrated Energy Medicine Healer, Creator of The Spontaneous Transformation Technique 

Born is one of those rare books that provides the simplicity of truth, combining the backing of science and Dee’s and her clients’ spiritual journeys, and changes the way you think and feel about yourself. I experienced so many epiphanies by the first three chapters that I finally had to pause and grab my highlighter so that I could easily reference the multitudes of ‘aha’ moments I was experiencing.”

— John Burgos, Spiritual Activist and Host, Beyond the Ordinary Show 

Also released today… BUPPALAPALOO & the I LOVE MEs!


A lonely, sad little boy sits alone on a bench. BuppaLaPaloo enters and asks what’s wrong. The little boy explains he doesn’t know who he is because everyone else is giving him definitions around how they see him: shy, not big enough, not a good playmate, etc. BuppaLaPaloo explains that the only person who can define him and decide who he is, is him! BuppaLaPaloo leads him through the process of deciding what he wants, and then deciding to BE that. The boy ends up stating exactly who he is in a powerful way that ends with joy and hugs all around.

The lessons of BuppaLaPaloo books are centered on self-love, empowerment, choice, and action for children at the beginning stages of defining themselves, which define their lives. 


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