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With a lack of newspapers serving the community, the high cost of advertising and marketing, I saw a need for a one stop website that fortifies the arts community in Kansas City. Far too many theater seats go empty. Far too many fantastic performances go unseen. Far too many actors, techs, and directors need more exposure. For that reason, I decided I wanted to create something for the KC Metro area that focuses on that void.

For over 30 years, I taught high school journalism, newspaper, yearbook, photography, and English. Upon retirement, a high school friend asked if I wanted to write for a newspaper she bought in Kansas City, Kansas. I wrote for Wyandotte West until she sold it and then the new owner opened several other newspapers but all with KCK content. When those did not perform well and more and more people wanted their news online and free, I was unemployed again.

Admittedly, I was bored out of my mind. I miss being active and around people, so I started attending some local theater and started writing and posting reviews on Somehow, found me and asked if I wanted to write for them and to send three current writing samples. I sent three reviews and the next day I had an email making me the Performing Arts, Movie, and Special Events Examiner for Kansas City. I worked for them and their parent company until three days before the KC Fringe Festival. completely closed and AXS said they were making major changes and did not need Kansas City content at this time. That left me with no place to post my work that looked professional.

That’s when I started thinking about my own blog. But the more I thought, I saw a bigger need than just a place to publish my stories. The more I thought and talked with others in the Arts Community, I discovered more and more needs. As such, I met with a webdesigner and started planning this website.

I hope you enjoy KC and that you will use it, spread the word, and help me create the most important website for Kansas City theater and the Arts. Your comments and association is always paramount to me. Let’s build a site that will edify the Arts in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

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