Musical fusion explodes with Orchestre Surreal


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Imagine a blend of Classic with Contemporary; blend in classic prose; toss in elements of classical music; and indulge in an acid trip with visions of Shakespeare, Ted Nugent, Dmitry Shostakovich, Steppenwolf, Nancy Sinatra, and more.

With those sounds and visions swirling together Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre presents a 25-piece concert by Orchestre Surreal, a totally unique, production, new to Kansas City. The creative mind of founder Ross Wright created a 90-minute show, framed with four Los Angeles performers who travel with his orchestra. The show unites classical music, jazz, and Rock ‘n Roll.

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The balance of the musicians, all local Kansas City, demonstrate the richness and depth of Kansas City talent. With only three rehearsals, the nearly impromptu orchestra plays like a well-tuned Steinway. Just over Memorial Day, our esteemed Kansas City Symphony presented Celebration at the Station, an annual, rousing event, but for something totally different and even more fun, Orchestre Surreal offers the most amazing fun blend of music styles.

Composer, arranger, conductor, and group founder, Ross Wright (who preforms as Elvis Schoenberg) takes his alter ego name from the Intellectual Dodecaphonic Master Serialist, Arnold Schoenberg, and the King of Rock-N-Roll, Elvis Presley. He had the idea of combining a classical orchestra with a jazz big band and a rock group. The idea was that if all art can co-exist and be better off, then so can all people, he said.

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According to information provided by a spokesman, “Like nothing you have seen or heard before, LA’s acclaimed 25-piece Orchestre Surreal will take the stage in Kansas City for two rare performances on May 29th and 30th at the Warwick Theatre”

The group is fronted by two phenomenal vocalists, Angela Carole Brown and Daniel O’Callaghan, who perform as Miss Thing and Dangerous Dan. Both of their singing voices will amaze the audience. Brown’s performance brings memories of Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane days and the legendary Janis Joplin. O’Callaghan’s voice displays his range from classical opera to contemporary Jazz.

The limited engagement at The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre provides a really fun, uplifting experience for music lovers. The collision of genres excites and amazes the audience. Nowhere will music lovers find such a unique and fun blend to Classical and Rock. The vocals are amazing and the delivery of the concert draws a standing ovation.

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Ross Wright created a sound and an experience not to be equaled. Do not miss this performance.

The Orchestre Surreal Personnel (including Kansas City performers): Ross Wright (a. k. a. Elvis Schoenberg), arrangements, conducting, vocals; Angela Brown, (a. k. a. The Fabulous Miss Thing), vocals; Dan O’Callaghan (a.k.a. Dangerous Dan), vocals; Kaytee Dietrich, piccolo/flute/ alto sax; Michael Herrera, alto saxophone; Kurt Wheeler, tenor saxophone/flute; Danielle Mays, clarinet/bass clarinet/baritone sax; Josh Hannon, French horn; Maddy Tarantelli, French horn; Stan Kessler, trumpet;

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Andrew Beckstrom, trumpet; Lee Finch, trombone; Grant Morgan, bass trombone; Joe Miquelon, keyboards; Douglas R. Perkins, guitar; Franck Annecchini, bass guitar; Blake Vignery, drums; Billy Hulting, percussion; Elaine Ng, violin; Sam Wa, violin; Kim Ico, violin; Victor Diaz, violin; Angela Diaw, viola; Alyssa Bell, viola; Ezgi Karakus, cello; Kieran Kojakangas, cello; Samuel Copeland, string bass.

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