MET undertakes 3-stage production with ‘Cycle’


Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre (MET) presents

Horton Foote’s epic masterpiece The Orphans’ Cycle

Sweeping tale of a hero’s journey unfolds over three full-length plays

Rarely produced in its entirety, the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre (MET) will present all three plays in Horton Foote’s epic The Orphans’ Cycle beginning October 25rd and running in repertory through November 18, 2018. This massive production utilizes 30 veteran performers from across the Metro KC area in 64 roles throughout the expansive production.  The heroic story follows the life of one man, Horace Robedaux, as he navigates his extended family and community, his relationships, and the hardships of life in the vast and changing landscape of the country in the tumultuous the turn of the century and WW1. The cycle chronicles a generation reeling from the Civil War and struggling with Reconstruction.  Over the years, further changes disrupt the town, including an economic shift, a World War and a flu pandemic – all chillingly relevant today.

Somewhat biographical about his life and family, Horton Foote’s play is being directed by MET’s Artistic Director, Karen Paisley. “The cycle of plays is, at its core, a wonderful look at a life – a heartbreaking and heart-warming hero’s journey. A hero who is formed at the age of 12 and faces a family, a country and a time that tries to push him down over and over again. It’s a beautiful story of endurance and how one person can make a difference in the lives of others. Especially timely in these unique times and as this is the 100th anniversary of WW1,” said Karen Paisley.

Horton Foote wrote more than 60 plays, won a Pulitzer Prize, two Academy Awards, but he finished editing what he called his magnum opus shortly before his death.  In The Orphans’ Home Cycle, he crafted an intimate American epic that’s at once personal and panoramic. 

The Orphans’ Cycle is showing in repertory October 25 – November 18, 2018 – please check the metkc.orgwebsite for shows, dates and times. The plays are produced at the MET’s newly acquired venue – the historical Warwick Theatre. The Warwick is at 3927 Main St, KCMO 64111 and there’s plenty of parking behind the building. Tickets can be ordered online at or over the phone by calling the box office at 816-569-3226

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