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Guest Reviewer: Gregory Cantrell

Houdini. Blaine. Copperfield. Korso? Tyler Korso is not yet mentioned in the same breath as these famous magicians but one day just may be.

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Korso, in his “A Man & His Dillusions” modern magic show, mixed equal parts sleight-of-hand, “Houdini-esque” escapes, close-up and predictive magic that continually amazed the full house at the Culture House Stage and Studio in Overland Park.  Korso may have a long road to be mentioned alongside the greats, but his performance was no less enthralling and he certainly has the talent.

Korso, besides being a wonderful magician, complemented his magic with a wry sense of humor and perfect timing, keeping the audience completely engaged – sometimes delaying the pay-off with a “slow motion” setup that was both unique and hilarious. Korso’s comedy didn’t carry his performance however, it perfectly augmented it.  Because when it comes down to it in a magic show, you must amaze and stupefy. And Korso did just that.

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Korso deftly moved through different types of magic, paying homage to Houdini and Vaudeville along the way. One of his better “tricks” of the evening was a “predictive” or mind-reading piece involving random members of the audience. This reviewer was part of one of the predictive pieces that completely baffled the audience, especially when considering all the variables involved in this illusion.

Korso included several of the “standard” types of magic with traditional close-up magic and a piece that involved apparently swallowing a needle, ingesting some thread and then ending the trick in a way mystifying all those attending with how it was executed.

His best magic was saved for the finale, of course, and it was expertly delivered. Using a couple audience members on-stage to hold over-size cards, they then randomly used other members of the audience to select a unique card from their set of cards. Korso then had the two on-stage audience members count out the cards to verify how many each held in their hands. Korso instructed them to seal their cards into manila envelopes which they then signed. What happened next? Thou shall not spoil the fun. But it was expertly delivered, with perfect comedic timing and utterly amazing the audience.

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As a trained comedy magician, Korso says on his website that he “…aims to offer an escape from the mundane with his reality bending humor and dazzling illusions”. He’s performed at conventions, festivals and comedy houses across the country and recently won a regional Comedy & Amazement competition and is representing KC.  His future appearances can be found at his website: .   You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram @Korso365.  Korso has two more performances scheduled at the Culture House Stage & Studio on October 19th and November 16th.

If you love magic and want to laugh as well, check out Korso’s “A Man & His Dillusions”.  You will be entertained and amazed!

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