‘Magic Is Not Pretty’ makes believers out of skeptics


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Ah, yes, there are secrets to magic. And, regular Fringe Festival entrant C.K Carey, knows them and uses them to display intriguing stunts of illusion before big crowds in “Magic Is Not Pretty,” this year’s entry that looks to be a strong contender for Best of Venue awards. Carey’s Sunday matinee played to a near capacity crowd and left the audience talking excitedly before and after the show.

Carey’s illusions had people’s mouths open with awe as the “Voila” moment amazed them. And, that’s typical for his audiences. Carey’s mastery of his craft and his quick wit makes his show a crowd pleaser. His show is suitable for all ages, though some shows may have a few peppered adult terms included, they are nothing offensive or extreme.

Carey, a fresh-faced, honest-looking young man, is a first-class con-job. He stands in front of his audience, tells them his story along with some jokes and then steals their sense

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of reality as he weaves his web of deception. His tricks and illusions are jaw-dropping.

After the show audiences chatter about “How did he do that?” “Did you see that? How could he do that?” “I never saw how he could possibly…..” “He’s just amazing.” “I want to bring my grandson to see this.” Those were the comments after Sunday, July 21 performance at the Loretto school.

“Magic’s secrets are not what you think. C.K. Carey wants to peel back the curtain and reveal a brief history of mystery itself. His 2018 KC Fringe Festival ‘Best of Venue’ show, Powers of Darkness, was a smash hit! Luke Dodge’s official review proclaimed ‘…Carey is a master storyteller’ and added, “I still can’t help but feel I witnessed the impossible.’ After seeing an impromptu performance of Carey’s during the festival, Billy Bob Thornton exclaimed, ‘You’re a witch!’” (KCFringe.org)

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“Magic Is Not Pretty” begins with some card tricks, and those who line up first get the prime seats in the auditorium. The show seats approximately 125 persons. But, beware, the show is not just card tricks. Carey will amaze you with some really thought provoking magic involving a newspaper and material in a box. His mind-reading will absolutely astound the audience.

If you enjoy magic shows or have never seen a magic show, do not miss “Magic Is Not Pretty.” You will be amazed and entertained. You will want to go back and see it again. The show features some audience participation, but rest assured, there is no embarrassment or jokes to or with those called to assist. Carey assures the audience

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prior to the performance that he respects them and will take care of them if they are selected to assist him.

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