Living Room opens with local playwright’s ‘Bastard’


By Bob Evans

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Family drama plays out in darkest terms as a family struggles with life verses art in a tightly crafted drama focusing on doom, gloom, and the notion that art imitates life and visa-versa, in Tyson Schroeder’s “Bastard.”

“Bastard” allows four talented actors to bring new characters to light (or visible darkness) in this family, struggling to attempt balance, internally and externally, where no balance appears possible. All three characters (four actors) face their inner demons as they discover torments of confidence, grief, insecurity, alcohol, trust, sanity, and pain.

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For “Bastard” be prepared for a dark dramatic production. The set design and lighting foretell the mood of the piece prior to lights up. Dark musical notes help magnify the setting and tone of the piece. And, with such a talented cast, the play guarantees to be gut-wrenching from beginning to end.

The scenes between Rusty Sneary and Matt Leonard are like two prize-fighters throwing knockout punches at each other.  Both possess strong stage presence and can dominate any scene.  Together, on-stage, they are the dynamic duo, chewing up the dialogue and controlling the action and movement of the piece.

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The cast is: Matt Leonard, Vanessa Davis, Daria LeGrand, Rusty Sneary. All give memorable, strong performances. The production staff is: Lacey Pacheco, stage manager; Lydi Miller, production assistant; David Kiehl, sound design Nichoe Jaja, lighting design; Nancy Robinson, costume design; Shawnna Journagan, properties design; Tyson Schroeder, scenic artist; Kyle Dyck, technical director; Bradley J. Thomas, box office/house manager; Brian Paulette, poster design/photography.

“Bastard” opens The Living Room’s eighth season. “Bastard” runs through Oct. 29. Tickets are $35 and available at the box office or via theatre website.

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