Life story brings laughs amid sorrow and choices


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By Bob Evans

True stories unlock past situations and provide therapeutic relief for the truth-teller and the audience alike which gives such stories as Jamie Campbell’s a sincerity as he discusses his past, his kidnapping ordeal, his abuse as a child, his anger issues, and his troubling relationships with parents and step parents.

The roller-coaster show features comedic high and heart-breaking lows as Campbell unveils the situations of his past that left him few choices in his turbulent world. As he tells it, he made three choices, mostly before puberty that affected his life. His choices, though the best at the time, still concern him as they are now part of the story and his healing process.

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Hearing his story helps the audience realize the struggles others face and that sometimes the choices made are not really in their control. Still in retrospect, his choices and life remained bottled up until this uncorking and free flowing hour presentation.

In his show, Campbell confronts his demons and opens past wounds for the healing process to begin. He said he finds comfort in telling his story and helping others to understand their pasts as well. He graciously thanks his audiences for helping him grow and heal from his pent-up past secrets. The show deserves to be seen and is fit for adolescents through adults. The language is adult-oriented but absolutely nothing a junior high student would not hear daily among friends and classmates.

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“Jamie Campbell re-lives the time he was kidnaped as a child in this solo performance that is part comedy, part storytelling, and 100% true. Travel back to 1991 as Jamie relives what he calls the ‘greatest adventure of my life,’” his Fringe post said. “Harrowing at points, and astounding in others, the veteran comedian deftly walks the line between comedy and tragedy, exposing his own faults, and refusing to play the victim card. In this world-premiere performance, Jamie Campbell breaks his silence and tells his story for the first time.

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“About the writer/performer: An award-winning improviser, playwright, actor, and stand-up comedian, Jamie Campbell was specially-selected by the sister of the late Andy Kaufman to perform at the TBS Just For Laughs Festival. His debut comedy album, Tell Me You’re Proud of Me, debuted at #1 on Amazon’s comedy charts. He has been seen on television in various commercials and has appeared on NBC’s Chicago Fire and Pop TV’s Hollywood Darlings. He is one of the stars of the cult favorite webseries Lunch and Learn, which has millions of online views, and plays the titular role in the upcoming first season of The Mr. Stone Show.”

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“The Devil on the Wall” plays at The Buffalo Room in Westport Flea Market. Advance ticketing is suggested. The show is overselling.

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