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 KANSAS CITY, Missouri – October 11, 2018

PBS welcomed newly elected and returning board members following its first board meeting of fiscal year 2019. Professional directors are station leaders from the public television system. Professional directors reelected by the system include Ronnie Agnew of Mississippi Public Broadcasting (Jackson, Mississippi); Kim Johnson of Colorado Public Television (Denver); Kliff Kuehl of KCPT (Kansas City, Missouri); and Tom Rieland of WOSU (Columbus, Ohio).


“We are delighted that Kliff Kuehl will serve another term on the PBS Board of Directors,” said Paula Kerger, President and CEO of PBS. “Public television’s greatest differentiator is our ability to address the unique needs of local communities through the work of our member stations. As CEO of Kansas City PBS, Kliff brings an important perspective about how PBS can best serve diverse audiences across the Midwest. We are grateful for his extensive experience and strong leadership as we navigate a dynamic and competitive media landscape.”

“In this complex media environment, PBS is grateful for the strategic guidance and knowledge provided by the station and lay leaders who serve on our board,” said PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger. “Our esteemed group of general directors brings an array of diverse talents to the board, including business and financial acumen, journalism and communications expertise, and technical and regulatory experience. We are delighted to welcome all of our new and returning board members as we work to continue the mission of public media.” The 27-person PBS board, which includes the PBS president, is responsible for governing and setting policy for PBS. General and professional directors of the PBS board serve without pay.

Except in the case of filling vacancies created by resignations, PBS member stations elect the professional directors. The full board elects general directors, the PBS president and professional directors filling vacancies on the board.



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