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Kansas City Actors Theatre
Announcing our COVID-19
Safety Measures and Protocols
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As we prepare to go on sale for our first production* since March 2020 we wanted to make you aware of our COVID-19 Safety Measure and Protocols. These protocols were put in place to keep our you, your family, our staff, performers, technicians, and audience members safe.
  • Proof of Vaccination. Kansas City Actors Theatre will be requiring proof of vaccination (per CDC definition) for admittance into all upcoming productions this Fall and Winter. Proof of vaccination must be presented either with your physical vaccination card, or digitally through your phone before you will be permitted to enter the lobby of the City Stage in Union Station. We will not be accepting negative COVID-19 tests as an alternative for proof of vaccination. We apologize, but at this time we will not be making accommodations for children under the age of 12. KCAT is also requiring all performers, staff, members of the production team, and volunteers to be vaccinated.
  • Mask Requirement. Kansas City Actors Theatre will be requiring masks inside of the City Stage lobby and theater. To encourage safe and effective use of masks we have suspended concessions at this time. No food or drink will be allowed inside the theater. In addition to this, current Kansas City and Union Station mask mandates are in affect for all public areas, including all bathrooms, elevators and all other public spaces.
  • Social Distancing. For all upcoming productions in the Fall and Winter we have limited the amount of seats available for each production in order to encourage and facilitate social distancing. Parties are encouraged to sit together, while attempting to leave at least one empty seat between you and the person(s) next to you whenever possible. We cannot always guarantee an open seat on either side of your party, but have limited seating to encourage social distancing.
  • Less Paper. To help limit the transmission of COVID-19 through surfaces we will not be administering paper tickets. In addition, we will have the option of either virtual or paper programs. There will be a QR code before you enter the theater which will provide a virtual program on your personal mobile device. Paper programs will still be available through contactless pickup for those who do not wish to use the virtual programs. These paper programs will not be reused as they have been in previous years.
  • Blankets. As some of you know the City Stage can get pretty cold, for the Fall and Winter we will no longer be offering blankets for use inside the theater. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own; as well as having KCAT branded blankets available for purchase in the lobby before the show.
  • Cleaning. We have added additional cleaning measure to better prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hand sanitizer is available throughout Union Station as well as the City Stage lobby. All high touch surfaces will be cleaned before and after each performance.
While these measures might be different from past experiences at Kansas City Actors Theatre, they exist for the safety of our performers, staff, but most importantly our audience. Since theatre venues were forced to shut their doors in March of 2020, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the time to return to the stage. It is with these additional safety protocols that we hope to continue live performances.
We anticipate these new safety regulations to be in place through our January 2022 performances of “The Pests”. All of these protocols are subject to change as the situation continues to develop.
If you’re able to, there is still time to get vaccinated and attend our upcoming shows: Click Here to see KCMO COVID-19 Vaccination Locations and Times.
*Tickets go on sale for our upcoming productions soon. Watch your emails for information about where/how to buy tickets. If you held onto the price of your tickets from our postponed Season 16, you will be receiving a Gift Certificate by email in the next few days.
Please stay tuned in the following weeks for more information about “Four Children” starting October 7th, and “The Pests” starting January 12th, and for more information about our soon to be announced Season 18!
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