KCAT ends season 14, seeks matching gifts


Press release posted by Bob Evans

Fifteen years ago, a group of local theatre artists saw Kansas City as a place of expanding theatrical potential and sat down to map out a bold plan. Their vision was twofold: To expand Kansas City’s professional theatrical footprint. And to make their venture into the purest form of theatrical work; storytelling with a focus on the actor.
All these years later, the work of Kansas City Actors Theatre is still going strong. The continued success of that unlikely vision is made possible by the generous financial support of patrons like you.
Delivering as much funding as possible to the stage remains a primary goal of our governing board, with more than 75% of our overall operating budget flowing directly to production and support of our shows. As you may be aware, ticket sales cover less than 40% of our operating costs. Your donation to KCAT allows us to continue to produce nationally-recognized work, to pay artists fairly, and to maintain stability in the turbulent world of professional non-profit theatre.
We are sincerely appreciative of your support. You should take pride in your part in making the once-unlikely mission of Kansas City Actors Theatre possible: Unmatched theatre, locally-sourced, led by artists to create opportunities for actors and audiences that are unreproducible anywhere else.
Our immense gratitude goes to Theater League, whose generous support will allow your March donation to go twice as far!
At this end of our fiscal year, we’ve been honored with a challenge grant from the Theatre League Foundation with a dollar-for-dollar match in individual contributions up to a total of $5,000 until March 31st. Please consider donating now to meet this matching challenge, which will double the impact of your gift.
Please give and help us continue our mission to bring high-quality classic and contemporary classic theatre to Kansas City audiences and artists. To help us reach this goal, please donate before March 31st using one of the methods below:
·        Use the red button below to make a donation online using a credit card.
·        Call in a credit card donation to our office at (816) 361-5228.
We, and the local theater community, sincerely appreciate your help. Thank you for your continued support.
Thank you for your contribution.
Matt Sameck
KCAT Director of Marketing and Development
PS – Don’t forget to subscribe to Season 15, if you haven’t already. Early bird pricing expires after March 16th! Visit www.kcactors.org/season-15/ or call the CTO at 816-235-6222 to subscribe today.
Something you may not know about the new tax law…
Avoid paying taxes on your RMD with a QCD
With the increase of the standard deduction in the new tax law, more retirees will take the standard deduction and, therefore, not be able to take an itemized deduction for charitable contributions. Did you know you can do both? If you are older than 70 1/2 and must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA, you can direct some or all of it to a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) instead. Any money taken from your IRA and sent directly to a charitable organization will count toward satisfying your RMD, but will not be considered taxable income to you. The funds must go directly from your brokerage to the charity and must be tagged as a QCD for you to avoid taxes on the contribution.
Sending the RMD to your checking account and then writing the check yourself will not be considered a QCD. Please consult your tax advisor and your brokerage house for more information about QCDs, and please consider Kansas City Actors Theatre in your QCD planning.
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