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Posted by Bob Evans

Kansas City Aerial Arts (formerly Lucia Aerial), will present its Training Company show on April 3rd and 4th at 7:30 PM and April 5th at 2:30 PM at the H & R Block City Stage Theater at Union Station.

 The Spaces Between is a coming-of-age story about a girl who escapes into her imagination to cope with her parents’ divorce and sister’s sudden passing. Worlds come alive in unexpected places, such as the lock of a door and neurons in a brain through the beautiful artistry of aerial and acrobatic arts. Acceptance and closure are found between the notes of music and the hands of dance partners. The story is one told over and over again, but the performance is one like never before.

The show is written by KCAA Training Company Director, Kelsey Aicher.  Aicher, who has a background in screenwriting, wrote this coming-of-age story in hopes it would relate with audiences.  She commented, “I want to tell a story that says, ‘I went through something tough, just like you, and I made it through stronger. You are not alone.’ I’m a big fan of finding strength and confidence through self-love.”  Throughout the show, the narrator is exploring the worlds created in the spaces between objects and moments.  This idea was sparked with Aicher’s childhood fascination with mirrors.  “There is the glassy surface that we can touch, but the reflection actually begins a little further away from the surface. As a kid, I would put my fingertip against the mirror and see that my reflection didn’t begin precisely where my skin ended. I would press my cheek up against the mirror to see the clear space that existed between finger and reflection. It wasn’t easy to see, but it was there. It made me wonder—beyond logic—what existed in that space…I know it is silly, but that nonsensical pondering of my younger self is what sparked creation for this entire show” Aicher explained.

Members of the Training Company range in age from 12-51, and will be performing on a variety of aerial apparatuses, as well as dance, partner-acro, and contortion.  Pieces range from group numbers to solos, all transitioning together to tell an emotional and personal story.  All pieces in The Spaces Between are new works, specifically choreographed for this production.  Two pieces also feature original compositions by Kristopher Estes-Brown, and the narration used throughout the show was voiced by a KC Aerial Arts student and professional actor, Kaitlin Gould.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kc-aerial-arts-training-company-presents-the-spaces-between-tickets-93437021647?aff=ebdssbeac.  Tickets are $20 for advanced general admission, $25 for at-the-door general admission.

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