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“Safe” is a stage play who tells a slice of Sister Daisy’s life, a nun trapped in a house on the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere during the pandemic era.

A post-apocaliptyc scenario that corners this young girl of faith who tries to take care of the last ones left in her small community, facing fears as the looming of the end, death and the increasing doubt of the existence of God.

“Safe” tells in fifty minutes of performance the pandemic, but not being rhetorical, in fact the word “virus” is only said twice in the whole play. The goal is to put the attention on those people who we never thought about mixing classical flavours (Giuseppe Torelli music for example) and modern theatrical visions in terms of light designing with a contemporary dramaturgical language all realized with a minimal scenography.

Why safe

Federico Maria Giansanti’s plays revolve around main themes such as the fear of solitude, the failure and the abandonment. Those themes are very clear in “Safe” because the story is about a young nun who fights blindly againts the fate, entrusting herself to the faith and her own personal strenght. The common sense of community is something that nowadays we’re losing, living a hystorical context that favors individualism which therefore overload the individual of responsibility causing them the fear of failure in the search of achieving goals

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and personal satisfacton. We choose to watch a nun and her relationship with God because we think it  could be curious put in lights that alone we’re nothing and that we need to look up to who his forward and behind us with the idea of creating a group who can comprehend that unity is strenght.

Number of plays

The play debuted on streaming on 8/7/2020 (7th august) at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival (Salt Lake City, Utah – USA)


  • Best of FF Award (Best stage play) – Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival 2020 (USA)
  • Audience Choice Award – Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival 2020 (USA)
  • Best Original Screenplay – Desenzano Film Festival 2020 (Italy)
  • Outstanding Achievement Award in “Short Script” – Tagore International Film Festival 2020 (India)
  • Outstanding Achievement Award in “Short Script” – WFC International Film Festival 2021 (Singapore)
  • Best Short Script – Uruvatti International Film Festival 2021 (India)
  • Best Original Screenplay – International Short Film Awards 2021 (USA)
  • Best International Show Award – Pittsburgh Fringe Festival 2021 (USA)

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About Safe

 “Safe” is a fine example of the capacity of theatrical minimalism, it is also an example of how the arts can be kept alive at this time when we are told, “Stay home. Stay safe”. – (The Varnished Culture – Salt Lake City, USA).

  • “Safe” is an emotional play to watch, the script is timely and well executed. – (Utah Theatres Bloggers Assosiation – Salt Lake City, USA).
  • Valeria Wandja is explosive in her role! – (Front Row Reviewer Utah – Salt Lake City, USA).
  • Great use of lights design and music well chosen. – (Il foyer – Italy)
  • Playwright Federico Maria Giansanti crafts an earnest, emotional script. Wandja plays a tormented Sister Daisy with great honesty and emotional depth. (Asheville Stages – USA)
  • I really connected to the character of Daisy, She immediately made us feel like we were her, sharing her journey. That is a very hard thing to do in my opinion. Great job! (The Young Howze Theatre Journal – USA)
  • The set is dark, simple and sparse. You can hear the silence of the room, it’s deliciously chilling. (City Beat – USA)

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 FMG is a crew who has as main goal to bring the theatre to the young people making it accessible in economic terms and in terms of contemporary language. FMG has been founded in 2017 by author and director Federico Maria Giansanti and his brother and best friend Francesco Maria Giansanti and Gabriele Grassi who are the management of the independent italian theatrical production.

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