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            Mexico City-London-USA Collaboration 

  “Qaddafi’s Cook” at KC Virtual Fringe Festival 2021


Courtesy of playwright & KC Fringe

Restaged and recorded for streaming after its 2020 London run in the West End’s Latin American Theatre Festival, Belville Productions’ “Qaddafi’s Cook,” brings its culinary energy and haunting worldview to the KC Virtual Fringe Festival 2021, July 18-August 1.

Two young Mexican chefs, one a follower of Mama Ayahuasca, and the other a disciple of Jack Daniels, get caught in the tailspin of Libyan dictator, Muammar Qaddafi, the world’s bloodiest foodie and suspected designer of the Lockerbie crash.  Have they hit the culinary big time or blundered into high stakes espionage?

Inspired by true events, the play had its world premiere at the famous Hotel California in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, where “Qaddafi’s Cook” co-authors first met and started working on the play. Carlos Ambrosi recounted his experiences as a diplomatic chef to seasoned playwright Lance Belville and together they decided to tell this story of “cooking for the devil.” Belville was influenced by his early years as a foreign correspondent in Latin America reporting on Brazil’s military regime.

KC Fringe Festival

Sous chef Fredy, played by Guadalajara native and London-trained actor Alvaro Flores, recreates onstage the favorite dishes of the desert despot so audience members can experience these metaphors of oppression cooked right in front of their eyes.

Director/actor Lynn Lohr joins Flores to unravel the riddle of this kitchen quest. Mexico City Composer/sound designer Adrian Paredes writes the recipe for a soundscape that intertwines the melody of the Mideast market and the Mexican street.

Critics called the play, “Intense and charming, an immersive experience that beautifully connects food, passion, and power…” and, “Do not miss this piece of powerful theatre.”

This digital version of “Qaddafi’s Cook” first streamed as part of Northern California’s Ross

Alternative Works, then played Orlando’s DigiFringe, and will air in August for Minnesota Fringe.

Belville Productions’ Bons Tempos Theatre Company co-produced “Qaddafi’s Cook” with Teatro Medicina-Theater Medicine and Masterpiece Media.

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