Independent Film Defies Odds to Wow Audiences


Posted by Bob Evans

After Six Isolated Months, Independent Film “DramaUrge” Reaches Screens


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On July 18th, the theatrical world will be shook to its core when the film “DramaUrge” reaches screens as part of the 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival. Produced by local emerging filmmaker Forest Kinsey, this film is about a theatre director battling incompetence and his own demons in order to put on a final show. Entertaining, funny, and heart-wrenching, “DramaUrge” is a viewing experience like no other.

The film features a cast of such enthralling characters that it may be surprising that Mr. Kinsey is the sole actor in this production, as well as the director and writer. It seems almost inevitable that Mr. Kinsey’s dramatic, comedic voice would shine as brightly as it does in this film. Impressively, “DramaUrge” manages to bring laughter and tears, terror and hope, to its audience, while having a truly shocking ending.

Despite having to work independently for over five months in near isolation, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Forest Kinsey has produced a truly unique and reflectively personal film. “I believe my film embodies the necessity of creating art during cataclysmic crises,” said Mr. Kinsey. “So many of my friends and colleagues struggled through quarantine, but many of us were able to use art as an outlet, a very necessary escape.”

“DramaUrge” will be shown in the Kansas City Fringe Festival, taking place online from July 17th to August 1st. Tickets are available as of July 1st, on the KC Fringe website.

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