Heidi Van directs upcoming Fishtank play

A Kansas City Premiere by Ruby Rae Spiegel
Directed by Heidi Van
April 19-23, 2017
Second Stage, MTH Theatre at Crown Center
In Kansas City Premiere Dry Land, young women are swimming in school, drowning in life
This drama featuring teen protagonists is a bold portrayal of the contemporary complexities and controversy over a woman’s right to have power over her own body
Set in a girl’s locker room of a Florida high school, DRY LAND wrestles with the complexities of friendship and the fears of the future that grip young women arriving at the threshold of adulthood.

Emerging as the Lena Dunham of the theatre world, 21-year-old playwright Ruby Rae Spiegel — a finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn prize — writes a brazen, no-holds-barred play about that time in your life when no one else can possibly understand what you’re going through. A story about abortion, bad jokes, bathing suits, and friendship, DRY LAND, a New York Times critics’ pick, is a brave portrayal of the contemporary American teenager that epitomizes What’s Next in American theatre.

“Tender, caustic, funny and harrowing, often all at the same time.” — New York Times

“Watching Ruby Rae Spiegel’s ruthlessly honest DRY LAND, you wonder: Girls, how did theater miss you?!? Everything else belongs to them: film, television, fiction. Yet it takes Spiegel’s simple, fierce play to put a young woman’s capacity for pain center stage — and the choice feels thrilling, even political.” — Time Out New York

From Director Heidi Van:
DRY LAND is the result of conversations we are refusing to have, unable to have, and because of this – we are failing  women on a global scale.  Spiegel fearlessly presents one of the lesser told, but not lesser known, experiences of being a young woman. This story of teenage girls entering adulthood is devastating, riveting, and full of heart. I had to produce this play – as a woman, and a mother. This play is for our daughters. 
DRY LAND features Emily Sukolics, Erdin Schultz-
Bever, Emily Ho, Cooper Slater and Joseph Fournier.
Tickets available online at www.fishtanktheatre.com.

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