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GUILDit Features Female Powerhouse Artists & Sole Entrepreneurs at Global Entrepreneurship Week 
Cheryl Eve Acosta and Vanessa Lacy speak on their in-demand artworks, venues, online sales, and additional revenue streams on Tuesday 11/19, 6-7:30pm at the Black Archives. 
Artists, entrepreneurs, retail owners, plus GUILDit Alums, Cheryl Eve Acosta and Vanessa Lacy give encore presentations during Global Entrepreneurship Week – This is one of the standout business talks among 200+ events throughout Kansas City area during the week
GUILDit choose powerhouse sole entrepreneurs Cheryl Eve Acosta and Vanessa Lacy to repeat their inspiring talks at Global Entrepreneurship Week. The annual week happens in 65+ countries with over 3 million participants. In Kansas City there are over 200 events. Cheryl Eve Acosta and Vanessa Lacy will be presenting on Tuesday 11/19, 6-7:30pm at the Black Archives in the 19th & Vine District of KCMO.
Cheryl Eve Acosta’s jewelry and sculpture has been shown at the Kemper Museum, the National Museum of Women, NYC Fashion Week, and the Plaza Art Fair. Her diverse collections help her reach a variety of clients. Cheryl is a native of Puerto Rico, whose beautiful beaches inspire her works. Her stores are in the Crossroads and online at
Vanessa Lacy’s plein air and studio paintings can be seen in KU Med’s permanent collection, art fairs, and her gallery located in the Livestock Exchange Building. Her Kansas City landmark themed paintings hang in homes and businesses across the city and the country. She paints in oil on panels as small as 4” x 4” and as large as 72” x 48”, making her work appealing to private collectors and corporations alike. Her works can also be found at
 “These prosperous sole entrepreneurs have national appeal, storefront venues, online sales, and additional revenue. Hear how they successfully manage their business and grow their art form to reach new heights,” said Susana Bruhn, Curator and Executive Director of GUILDit.
About GuildIt: GUILDit spurs Kansas City artists and entrepreneurs as they create communities around best business practices in the way of forums, networking, revenue opportunities, and alike programming. These communities connect artists, entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, and patrons. Their conversations are around strengthening businesses, collaboration and increasing prosperity. The vision is an ever-growing Kansas City economy where art entrepreneurs have access to the network, tools, and resources for continued success.
About GEW: Welcome to Kansas City’s biggest celebration of entrepreneurship: Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City. Let’s help you boss up your skills and network. Sign in to build your personal #GEWKC agenda from more than 170 panels, presentations and workshops—truly something for everyone, at every stage of their entrepreneurial dream.
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