Green Kanvaz Experience grows local talent

Bob Evans | KC Applauds

For a really unique experience, especially for the younger and young at heart Fringers, The Green Kanvaz Experience at the Buffalo Room is something to enjoy.

The music is written and performed by local Kansas City grown young men who have a definite talent to showcase. Still in their infancy as a group and working to get a foothold in the KC Metro, Jaii Ache (Jalil Salaam), Latrae J (Latrae Jackson), and Green Kanvaz (Shakiel Salaam) perform in a hour long show at The Buffalo Room.

Bob Evans | KC Applauds

Their music is a blend of Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, Rap, and Soul. Do not expect any loud or Gansta Rap because the sound is soft, mellow, yet appealing to a 20-50s crowd. Their music is all original and will not be lost on older viewers.

Their song titles are: “Can’t Let You Go,” “When Were Making Love,” “Fallin,” “Never, Effed Up,” “Ariana Grande,” “Tornado,” “Yessir,” “Dumb Love,” “Stay,” “The Key,” “Confident,” and “Sick Over You.”

“Our music is a mixture of Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, and so on. We kind of write and produce how we feel at the moment so I would really say it’s “Souful Music,” Shak said of the group that has known and associated together since 2012.

The three singers all have beautiful, melodic voices and could all be solo artists if the opportunity arose. Listening to them and visiting with them exposed some very kind, and

Bob Evans | KC Applauds

mature young men or being so well. They are all in their 20s and ooze charm on and off stage.

“Our parents were doing music and got us on stage with them while they were on tour and we grew from that,” Shak said. Shak, goes by the name Green Kanvaz and serves as the leader of the group. “We were all born and raised in Kansas City and still reside here. We are trying to make a name for ourselves starting in our home town.”

Take it from an old reviewer, this is a group that could go places. It has happened before with Kansas and REO. They started playing the small clubs in Kansas and Missouri before their music caught on. Be sure to catch Green Kanvaz Experience so you can say “I saw them when….”

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Bob Evans | KC Applauds


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