Fringe Presents Offers an Immersive Theater Experience in Audience



In Audience, playwright David Hanson brings an immersive theater experience to the traditional theater space of City Stage in Union State.Told as a verbal symphony, the playgoers stand or sit on stage and look onto the theater seats. Four couples sit side by side and listen to the tales of each other’s lives. Who are they? Why are they experiencing this? The audience can choose to follow one of the four couples, switch among couples, or experience the performance in its sound totality.

“Immersive theater allows audiences to determine how they view the piece and is a different way to experience storytelling,” notes director and playwright David Hanson. “We are so excited to bring Audience to life again for Kansas City theater lovers. These are provocative and challenging experiences for both the actors and the audience.”

The play lasts about 40 minutes and will be presented twice each evening. “It’s the kind of play you strategize over, maybe going multiple times, or getting some friends together for a divide-and-conquer strategy,” noted Kelly Luck, in her 2016 KC Fringe Festival review.

Directed by David Hansen, with Coleman Crenshaw, Alice Pollack, Michael Ott, Vaughan Harrison, Kelli Hahn Mumford, Stephanie Spalding, Joseph DiMaria, Reese Betts, Ellen Kirk, and Nicole Santorella.

Performance Schedule and Location
City State at Union Station
Friday, March 3
Saturday, March 4

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