FRINGE: ‘My White Son’

 My White Son. It is an original piece written by myself and I also take a part in it as well. It is being produced by Tenured Son Theatre which is a very small and new theatre group in KC. I am part of a collective of about 10 people and we have a facebook page and I believe we are friends on there as well. Obviously, like all producers we are trying to spread the word on our show and are relying on social media, writers such as yourself and word of mouth to build up some steam. Not sure how your process works when it comes to previewing or reviewing a show, but we’d love to have you consider ours.
My White Son is a show within a show. The play takes place on the set of a 80’s-esque sitcom of the same name, albeit much more edgy. The two main actors, who play an unlikely father-son duo hate the fact they’ve been reduced to taking these parts however after some professional missteps its the only job they’ve been offered. They are not the only ones less than excited about the show. The lead actress, a young black woman doesn’t necessarily enjoy the role but it is a break from the other stereotypical roles she’s been offered, so she deals with it. Lastly, it was created and directed by a woman director who has several years of experience and done great work but has never gotten her just dues. After shooting a particular episode the cast and director follows it up with a debate about who really has it worst. I think its going to be a ridiculously funny show but also centers around a very relevant topic which is the existence of sexism and racism in mediums such as tv, movies, etc.

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