FRINGE: ‘Lucy and the Circumstances’


Lucy and the Circumstances  Chapter 1 features some of KC’s finest actors and musicians.  The story orbits around Lucy Duggan, a bright, funny, young woman at a crossroads – should she stay with the band she leads or continue her studies in psychology? To complicate matters, Lucy has learned that she has multiple sclerosis, and her parents’ marriage has recently come to a nasty end. During one eventful day, Lucy has to deal with friends, family, and romantic entanglements – and a band contest – pulling her in conflicting directions. 

The music is jazzpopbluesrock, a mix of styles that complements the funny/serious nature of the show, presented by a dynamic four-piece band fronted by three singers. 

Lucy and the Circumstances — Chapter 1 will be at the Unicorn Theater on the following dates:
July 21st — 9:00
July 25th — 7:30
July 27th — 7:30
July 29th — 4:30

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