FRINGE: ‘Lookin’ for a Fight’


As part of the 2017 Kansas City Fringe Festival, Relevance Productions returns to the Just Off Broadway Theatre, bringing three exciting and socially relevant plays to the stage!

A world premiere by Derek Trautwein

Derek Trautwein, Emmy Panzica, Jeannie Blau, and Scott Cox

Directed by Trevor Belt

Jake lives in a small town where people talk and everyone knows each other’s business. It’s common knowledge that Jake has a reputation for solving problems with his fists. This day in his life sees him waiting outside of the local preschool for the father of a child who’s been bullying his daughter. Adamant that he just wants to talk, those close to him aren’t exactly giving him the benefit of the doubt. Lookin’ for a Fight examines the life and familiarity of a small town, the cycle of violence, where it starts, and how it ends. LOOKIN’ FOR A FIGHT reunites the creative team that brought you last years THE ISLANDER!

July 22 – Saturday – 9:30pm
July 23 – Sunday – 1:30pm
July 25 – Tuesday – 6:30pm
July 26 – Thursday – 8:00pm
July 28 – Friday – 9:30pm
July 29 – Saturday – 4:30pm

Tickets available at

One thought on “FRINGE: ‘Lookin’ for a Fight’

  1. Phillene Cramer

    Attending this show on Sunday the 23rd. As a advocate for Domestic Violence I am so pleased that Derek chose this topic. Domestic Violence in my opinion is one topic that many other’s don’t understand. Don’t understand the abuser and don’t understand the victim. And, unfortunately the blame is still with the victim….I can’t wait to attend this show to see how violence is portrayed and knowing this topic needs to be brought out in the communities more so those that don’t understand …can see that POWER and CONTROL is the main reason for the abuser to do what they do the best and know very well what their first step is to where their last step is…Thank you….

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