Fishtank unveils new project

For Immediate Release:
The Fishtank and UMKC Theatre Present a new Heidi Van project:
ALONG THE LINE: A rapid-fire theatrical response to a specific moment in history

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ALONG THE LINE is a new project by Heidi Van. ALONG THE LINE is a community based generative project that produces a theatrical response using a framework of specifics – time, location and duration. This first project culminated with very, very short plays written by local playwrights.  Playwrights were invited to participate by Heidi Van, and, after accepting the invitation was issued a prompt and very specific dates for generation.  The writers were prompted on the morning of January 10 and had a deadline of January 22, 2017.  Along that line of our shared history as Americans was Obama’s farewell address, the inauguration of the 45th President, the Women’s March and other days filled with many different thoughts and feelings and headlines. Looking back on that time now, it could be referred to “the calm before the storm,” even though it wasn’t that calm.

ALONG THE LINE is a time capsule. It’s a collection of our history by playwrights from a certain place at a certain time. The next ALONG THE LINE project is scheduled for the summer of 2017, it utilizes time and place, but also along a line of highway -traveling across 1-70.
The first of the series ALONG THE LINE: The Peaceful Transition of Power will be presented:
February 16, 8pm
February 17, 8pm
February 18, 8pm
February 19, 2pmPerformance Venue
The Living Room, 1818 Megee, KCMO
tickets are $20* at
*50% of ticket sales will  be donated to the ACLU of Missouri

Each performance features very, very short plays by Kansas City Playwrights: Jose Faus, Michelle Tyrene Johnson, Charles Ferruzza, David Wayne Reed, Vicki Vodrey,   Vi Tran, Victor Wishna, Ry Kincaid, Natalie Liccardello, Marlo Angell,    Brian Buntin, Pete Bakely, Marty Honig, Dan Born, Emma Carter, Erika Baker, Isabella Barnes, Jack Phillips, Brother John Anderson, Andrew Hagerty, Cydia White,  Joshua Gleeson,   Joshua Efron, Kevin King, Lindsay Adams, Mary Wilkins, Marty Honig, Miah Clark, Meredith McKnight, Annalise Schroeder, Elianna Burke, Reilly Donnelly, Shillan Thaithi, Emily Wheeler, Katherine Gwynn, Sydney Walker, Marica Davis, Catherine Cannon and Kurtis Thiel

Dance pieces devised and choreographed by: Katarina Fitzpatrick

Performed by: Olivia Cabrera,  Mamaka Pettiford, Yasmeen Wilcox, Emmy Panzica, Marica Davis, Alice Pollack, Mary Wilkins, Marty Honig, Larry Goodman, Lanette King, UMKC Actors: Hannah Woosely, Tyler Fasching, Josh Davidson, Emily Ho and Claire Stenzel
Kacico Dancers: Katarina Fitzpatrick

The Fishtank is a space to create, edit and debut ideas. Its material is fresh, its content progressive and its writers and performers committed to risk-taking. The Fishtank has released its black box theatre space and continues to work directly above it at The Fishtank Theatre Production Office and Rehearsal Hall at 1717 Wyandotte, Suite 203. The Fishtank will produce nomadically and utlize the performance spaces of Kansas City and new spaces yet to be found.

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