El Diablo mystifies with card tricks


Fun-filled clown and card shark, “El Diablo of the Cards” will entertain everyone in the family and have people wondering how did he do that?

The show, 45-minutes of amazing card tricks will leave you scratching your head in amazement as El Diablo just seems to pull the right card out of the air with precision and skill. El Diablo’s sleight of hand mesmerizes while keeping crowds laughing.

Ewerton Martins, tours as a clown doing card tricks. With no fancy sets, lights, or props, the Brazilian magician uses his clowning, rapid-paced tricks, and crowd interaction to keep smiles and happiness at the max.

In this KC Fringe show, even though on video, El Diablo uses a handful of youngsters at his table to assist him with his up close and personal card tricks. One would think that 45 minutes of card tricks seems too long, but with his delivery and smoothness of presentation, Martins keeps the viewers focused.

The show does not require viewers to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. The kids will love it. Adolescents will love it. Adults will enjoy it. “El Diablo of the Cards” definitely fits the bill as Family Entertainment.



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