Drama deals with confronting LGBT issues


Even though “A Mother’s Love” contains no strong language, the dramatic piece by Jeremiah Kauffman takes on the adult issues of a family torn by spiritual beliefs and parental love.

The three-person cast, led by Greg Smith, includes Morgan Ball and Gloria Boehm. Ball plays a young man dealing with the complex task of announcing his sexual preference for men to his rigid, Bible-thumping father and to his mother. From the title alone, the audience knows where this story leads.

Kauffman’s second Fringe entry illustrates his growth as a playwright, and the Fringe format allows him the opportunity to hear and see his work develop. Because the Fringe limits times of plays, any extra words and phrases get the axe, causing difficulty in allowing for character growth and development.

Kauffman so far has fashioned his pieces on an LGBT theme and focused on the drama and torment of individuals learning to confront and navigate their sexuality. Natural word choice and realistic sequences show Kauffman’s growing skills as a storyteller. “A Mother’s Love” gives voice to those wanting to step forward.

As the rigid father, Greg Smith stands out and provides a good solid character for the other actors to spar with. His acting and character deliver the drama while Boehm and Ball deliver the counter-punches.

The filming is unique in this COVID-aware society with actors resembling a Zoom-callers. They all do a great job of helping the viewer understand each scene and situation.

As a reviewer, I especially liked that two characters appear in color while the father appears to be filmed on a black and white background to fortify his right vs. wrong, black and white persona.

The show definitely presents some interesting situations and dialogue. It’s 45-minute length confines it to a sharp focus on one issue.


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