‘Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife’ brings stand-up comedy to Fringe


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Stand-up comedy brings loud, consistent laughs as Stewart Huff delivers his liberal views to Fringe audiences on the Jerome Stage of The Unicorn Theatre.

In his show, “Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife” allows the comic to present his traveling show for the first time to Kansas City audiences. Huff, a liberal from Kentucky==the home state of Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, delivers his liberal political stance to appreciative audiences.

“Comedian and Kentucky Liberal Stewart Huff is a three-time Best Comedy Award Winner (Orlando Fringe) and winner of the Aspen Comedy Festival.” (KC Fringe)

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For those who enjoy political humor, The Jerome Stage entry reported strong Fringe support for Huff’s show. Thursday night, July 25 nearly sold out the early show.

In the style of stand-up comics, Huff tells stories, mostly making fun of himself and life situations he experienced. He never makes the audience feel uneasy, or singles anyone out, yet tells stories in a way that allow others to laugh at him and possible situations that might flash in their minds.

As for the title, Huff tells the story of his two younger sisters. One sister is mentally challenged from birth complications, but he finds humor and truth in some of her escapades. What’s so rich about the stories is that he tells of funny situation and helps others find the humor in her simple mind set. He finds logic in her and also learns how to accept others through her spectrum. His delivery is very funny, yet very loving and tender.

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His other sister is a lesbian, married, and wants a child. What could be closer to a direct match than to have her brother donate his seed to create a child with the shared chromosomes of both partners? It is a tender-hearted story, but with his humorous twist.

His trip to the doctor for the donation is priceless and had members of the audience wiping tears of laughter from their cheeks.

Another strong part of his performance was his assault on the political fathers who framed the US Declaration of Independence. Yes, there will be some Trump jokes, but the core is about the politics that framed the nation. No one should be offended, but some might get their cages shook a bit.

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Overall, the show is very humorous and heart-felt. The goal is laughter and to encourage others to be more open-minded. The message: Take care of yourself; treat others with respect (most of the time); laugh at situations you find amusing; do no harm to others; find the humor in life; live life to your best.

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