‘Click, Clack Moo: Cows That Type’ nears end of run at Extreme Screen space


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With “Evil Dead” on the City Stage in historic Union Station, Theatre for Young America moved to a bigger space for their season opening production of “Click, Clack Moo: Cows That Type” and used the gigantic screen as a backdrop to project larger backgrounds, enhancing their children’s play.

Along with the expanded projection came stadium seating and a larger venue with expanded seating available. The Extreme Screen venue is a drastic change from the intimate City Stage space.

As for the show, “Click Clack Moo” is a nice story of animals much smarter than the average farm stock. In this case, they understand English and learn to type. On the other hand, Farmer Brown, does not understand cow language, duck, or chicken. He does, however seem to communicate on a different level with the duck in the story.

‘“Click, Clack, Moo” tells the hilarious story of disgruntled farm animals—2 cows, a hen, and a duck—who desperately want to improve their accommodations, according to a Theatre for Young America spokesman. “They want to complain to Farmer Brown but he doesn’t speak Cow, Hen or Duck. Farmer Brown stores some books and a typewriter in the barn, and one of the cows gets the idea that they will type their complaints to the farmer. After honing their English language and typing skills by reading books by Karl Marx, Malcolm X and George Orwell, the animals proclaim ‘Power to the animals!’ and take over the farm.”

The synopsis sounds heavy, too heavy for children, but the material is presented in a very simple format and neither the animals nor farmer appear as bad or heavy villains. The cows and hen just want electric blankets to stay warm in the cold barn during the winter. The farmer just doesn’t understand their needs at first. Soon, after some song and dance, the problem is resolved and all are happy and content. The show is a simple and fun barnyard tale.

Even though this is a children’s production, professional adult actors perform with strong characterizations. They take their job seriously and always deliver top quality performances to introduce children to live theater. One of the best parts is the after-show introduction to the audience where the cast tells their real names and field questions from the young audience so that the audience develops a relationship with the art of acting and actors portraying a part.

After the show, the cast meets the audience as they leave, shakes hands, visits, and poses for photos. This makes live theater a reality and pleasant experience for younger audiences. What a great way to insure everyone enjoys the entire production and gets any questions answered.

For “Click ,Clack, Moo” a cast of five bring the farm to life. The cast is: Chelsea Anglemyer as Cow 2, Diane Bulan as Cow 1, Evan Lovelace as Duck, Kyra Weinberger as Hen, and R. H. Wilhoit as Farmer Brown. All possess strong voices and sing the songs with a glint of fun in their voices. The dancing falls mostly to the toes of Evan Lovelace and Kyra Weinberger.

The show continues at Theatre for Young America on the lower level of Union Station in the Extreme Screen space. If no time to see this production, still check out their website for future productions. For ticketing, times, dates, please go the TYA website.


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