Carmina Burana dazzles at the Kaufmann Center


Guest reviewer:  Gregory Cantrell

Carmina Burana/Kaufmann Center for the Performing Arts

“Carmina Burana”, as performed by the Kansas City Ballet with backing by the Kansas City Symphony Chorus, presents a wonderful visual and auditory fusion of music, exquisite dance and color.

This 3-act performance choreography consists of Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s “Tulips and Lobster”, Helen Pickett’s “Petal”, and Adam Hougland’s world premiere of “Carmina Burana”.

Carmina Burana/Kaufmann Center for the Performing Arts

According to the website …”Carmina Burana is a hugely popular and insatiably indulgent celebration of life and love. Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana is a pulsating choral work that provides an incredible landscape for choreographed spectacle. Most have experienced Carmina Burana in choral presentation, but few have seen it as it was originally imagined.” Hence, in this production the choral presentation is expertly augmented by a wonderful troupe of talented dancers.

Carmina Burana/Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

With tempered expectations this ballet neophyte was enthralled by the synthesis of athleticism, precision, and expression all beautifully wrapped into a powerful ballet “punch”. The musical score perfectly complemented each set piece leaving the mind to wander in the luscious visuals of dance and set/lighting design.

Each of the three set pieces were as distinctive in their presentation as the emotions and feelings they separately evoke. “Petal” featured a vibrancy of color and sound that contrasts sharply with the grand scale of “Carmina Burana”, using the Symphony Chorus to produce a thrilling and enjoyable finale.

“Carmina Burana” is playing at the Kaufmann Center through October 20.


Kansas City B

CARMINA BURANA (world premiere)
Choreography: Adam Hougland
Music: Carl Orff


Choreography: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Music: Purcell, Albinoni, Lambert & Vivaldi

Choreography: Helen Pickett
Music: Philip Glass & Thomas Montgomery Newman

Live music performed by Kansas City Symphony

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  1. Mark Smit

    Why are we seeing reviews from someone who refers to them as a neophyte? Gregory seems like he’s just some guy that likes to go to shows and then write up a blurb about it. I expect reviews to be from someone who is knowledgeable about the arts they are writing about, and also, quite frankly, a better writer. What’s going on here, Bob? Is this site not about recommendations from someone who knows what they’re talking about? I may as well get recommendations from my cousin, Dorothy. Disappointing.


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