Brother John continues string of Fringe dynamics


For his 16th entry in the Kansas City Fringe Festival, Br. John Anderson calls up a mix of memorable performers–Bob Marley, Cab Calloway, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, and Smokey Robinson.

As a singing, historian, storyteller, Br. John takes his audiences on a tour of the iconic aforementioned artists, all of whom left an indelible influence on popular music. The music goes from Jazz to Pop to Soul, to Spiritual to Rhythm and Blues. With Br. John’s carefully planned journey, viewers continue to see and hear the music that defined the artists.

A family-oriented performance allows Br. John to bring his audience to a new awareness of race relations in the United States. With a cavalcade of selected songs that gently spoke of problematic occurrences, the storytelling gives his viewers a brief history of each artist.

Even though each artist experienced struggles prior to their success, and sometimes as a result of their success, their stories influenced classic songs and styles. Combine their stories, their music, Br. John’s storytelling, and vocal talents, and viewers can easily see why his shows always sell out annually.

Let’s hope “Saving the Best for Last” does not signal an end to Br. John’s entries into the KC Fringe Festival. He always presents stunning shows that draw sold-out performances. His ability to put heartfelt stories with classic examples of artistic masters’ music always entertains.


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One thought on “Brother John continues string of Fringe dynamics

  1. Nina Falls

    Br. John is an person of passion and great intergrity! It always shows in his performance.. whether he’s doing a “tribute show”or actual portraying famous or historic people in “acting/song”..he transports you to another place as if you’re experiencing them first hand.
    I have seen him sing.. at many venues and his smooth rich voice pulls you in and keeps you until the last note. You’ll never be disappointed anywhere he performs!! Bravo John “Br. John” Anderson.

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